2020 Responsibilities for Health Forum co-organized by Infinitus held in Beijing

GUANGZHOU, China, Dec. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- On December 16, co-hosted by the China Association of Chinese Medicine (CACM) and, and co-organized by Infinitus (China) Company Ltd. (Infinitus (China)), the 2020 Responsibilities for Health Forum and the launch conference of the China's National Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Health Index Report 2020 (the Report) took place in Beijing. The forum discussed deeply on the theme of responsibilities for health, while the participants present made suggestions for the inheritance, development and innovation of TCM.

Zhang Boli, a recipient of the National Honorary Title, "the People's Hero", an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Head of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, delivered a keynote speech on the experience of and contributions made by TCM in fighting against COVID-19. Zhang highlighted that the combination of TCM and Western medicine and, in particular, the equal emphasis on the both is not only a powerful weapon to overcome the epidemic, but also an important principle in building a healthy China. In the fight against the pandemic, the contribution of TCM is evidently shown, which is both inexpensive and effective. Used in prevention and control, it can benefit every common person. Therefore, in the face of the possible normalization of the new pandemic, it is necessary to strengthen the study on epidemiology of TCM, and improve the efficacy of TCM, fully leveraging the role played by TCM in healthy China.

Zhang Boli delivered a keynote speech on the forum
Zhang Boli delivered a keynote speech on the forum

As a representative of Chinese herbal health products manufacturers, Huang Jianlong, Managing Director of Infinitus (China) and A Member of the Council of CACM, said in his speech: "The pandemic has made us realize more clearly the responsibilities for health of enterprises in driving the development of TCM and carrying forward the excellent traditional Chinese health-preserving culture. We can fulfill our responsibilities in three ways: firstly, play the role of Chinese herbal medicine in immunity and prevention to enhance people's well-being; secondly, strengthen scientific and technological innovation and promote the reform on the supply side, and integrate the traditional Chinese health-preserving culture with modern science and technology; and thirdly, advocate for healthy lifestyles and boost cultural self-confidence."

At the forum, the launch ceremony for the Report and its matched evaluation system was held. Since its launch in 2015, this is the fifth time that the Report has been released, aiming to provide simple and useful health-preserving guidelines for the public and raise their health awareness by disseminating the health concept of "building a solid foundation for a healthy life through health preservation" and popularizing health-preserving knowledge. Users can search the mini-program "Health Index Evaluation", which provides professional and personalized health-preserving solutions, to assess health status and risk in a scientific way.

Guests, including former Deputy Director of State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine Li Daning, Deputy Secretary General of CACM Sun Yongzhang, Deputy President of the Council of China Health Care Association Zhou Bangyong, and Vice President of CACM and Head of Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Li Candong, also delivered speeches, providing in-depth interpretations of the Report and emphasizing the important role played by TCM in health preservation.

During the round table session, guests shared and exchanged ideas on the theme of "How the TCM health indexes improve people's wellbeing". Guests analyzed the highlights of the Report, shared suggestions and methods of improving individual immunity from the perspective of the first person responsible for health, and explored the responsibilities for health that enterprises should assume from the standpoint of developing the health industry and building a healthy China.

Source: Infinitus (China) Company Ltd.