Africar Group and African Property Group: The first real estate and car classifieds mobile applications in Africa

African Property Group Pty Ltd
2017-06-26 12:13 6259

CAPE TOWN, South Africa, June 26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Africar Group ( and African Property Group ( are running 20 websites in emerging and frontier African countries. They allow local people to find cars for sale and properties for sale or rent using their computers or mobile phones. The groups have just launched in April their Android mobile apps for an even easier access to its platforms.

Within eight months of operations, the groups have seen their communities grow to one million people in their 16 markets which are Benin (, Botswana (, Burkina Faso (, Ethiopia (, Chad (, Lesotho (, Malawi ( and, Mali (, Namibia (, Rwanda (, Seychelles (, Somalia ( and, Uganda ( Swaziland ( and, Zambia ( and and Zimbabwe ( Moreover, the number of monthly users has more than doubled in the last month. The fast growing startups want now to accelerate the move and have launched one mobile app per website to allow their users to access the classifieds platforms on the go.

"We know that the majority of our community uses smartphones, and mostly Android phones, we thus answered to their needs," says the CEO of African Property Group. The app has exactly the same features than the website, is more convenient to use from a smartphone and makes browsing easier. People will now be able to rent, buy or sell their apartments, flats, houses, villas, farms, lands or vehicles from their phones without the need of a computer. It is still free of charges for both buyers and sellers a way to make real estate and car deals easier in Africa.

This move is part of the long term strategy of the two groups which aim to expand in the future to new countries. Indeed, more and more African people are having access to Internet through a smartphone and according to the study "The Mobile Economy - Africa 2016" GSMA Intelligence, there will be 725 million unique subscribers to mobile services by 2020, with more than 300,000 new people going online every day currently. Africa is the next eldorado for startups.

By strengthen its positions on smartphones, the company shows its willing to see on the long run.The companies based in Australia, have a strategic team of five people in Sydney and more than 30 thirty operators where they operate.

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