Audiovisual Creators Hail Stronger Rights for Directors and Screenwriters

2017-05-25 08:38 2092

PARIS, May 25, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

Fair remuneration for film directors and screenwriters internationally came a step closer, as Colombia became the latest country to adopt legislation introducing important new rights for audiovisual creators.

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The news was welcomed at the Cannes Film Festival by leading film director Jia Zhang-ke, Vice President of CISAC. "This simple change in the law is needed on an international scale. It will attract more talent into the film industry and help develop the film markets in many countries, including China," he said.

The "Pepe Sanchez Act", approved in the Senate of the Republic of Colombia on May 23rd, introduces a significant change in the country's legislation that will allow audiovisual creators to receive an equitable share in the success of their work. The Act means that many screenwriters and directors will be able to earn royalties for the first time. The new legislation follows France, Spain, Chile, Estonia, Italy and India, where similar protection exists. In most countries screenwriters and directors do not have this right and are therefore denied the ability to share in the commercial success of their films and TV programs. Colombia is the latest in a growing number of countries to introduce the new right of equitable remuneration. Other countries where the rights of audiovisual creators are under review include China, where a new draft copyright law recognises directors and screenwriters as authors of audiovisual works.  

The Act is named after the award-winning Colombian writer and director Pepe Sanchez, who was one of the most influential figures in the cultural world and a passionate advocate for creators' rights.

On its adoption, the legislation was welcomed by creators and organisations that have campaigned for the change internationally. These include DASC and REDES, the Colombian societies representing directors and screenwriters, and international organisations CISAC and Writers & Directors Worldwide.

Gadi Oron, Director General of the Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC), said: "Screenwriters and directors are at the epicenter of the film industry, helping it generate tens of billions of dollars, yet they are often also the worst treated creators when it comes to the protection of their rights… It is very encouraging to see the growing number of countries that are updating their laws in recognition of the benefits it will bring to their creative industries." Please click here for further details.

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Source: CISAC
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