CGU's Reliability Courses Take the Lead in Asia

Chang Gung University
2017-07-13 13:27 2021

TAOYUAN CITY, , July 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Chang Gung University launched the Center of Reliability Science and Technology, the first and only comprehensive reliability center in Asia. The founding Director, Professor Cher Ming Tan was invited to join Chang Gung University in 2014 for the establishment of this center.

Inaugurated in February 2017, the Center of Reliability Science and Technology in CGU focuses on the scientific aspects of reliability, namely the degradation physics and material sciences and the reliability statistics for lifetime estimation and reliability data analysis. This provides detailed understanding of products' degradation mechanisms and thus enables the identification of root causes. Innovation of materials, development of design-in-reliability methodology as well as process technology will also be part of the scope of this center so that solutions to less than expected reliability can be provided. The methodologies developed can then be converted into technologies for companies to compete internationally. The vision of this center is to enable mankind to enjoy new technology without interruption and at reasonable cost.

While there are several reliability testing laboratories and failure analysis houses in industry, this reliability center is different in that it analyzes the reliability test data, estimates products' life span under various operating environments, and determines the number of failure mechanisms in a product, and identifies dominant as well as early failure mechanisms to aid companies to address the most crucial issues with limited resources. With the detailed understanding of the underlying degradation mechanisms, the center also designs reliability test to surface out the mechanisms in a shorter time, including the selection of sample size, the analysis method of the test data, etc. Screening methods can also be developed so that effective containment actions can be implemented.  

Besides digging into the scientific aspects of the degradation mechanisms, the center also brings the academic research finding to the industry through various forms of collaborations, such as Joint Lab, test and analysis services as well as perform diagnosis on the reliability and quality system of a company, leveraging on Prof. Tan's more than 30 years of academic and industrial experiences on reliability. The center also developed a specialized comprehensive reliability program, the first and only comprehensive program in Asia, to train students from undergraduates to the Ph.D level for the industry. The center is honored to have Prof Michael Pecht as the international advisor.

Dr. Cher-Ming Tan
TEL: +886-3-2118800 Ext.5952

Source: Chang Gung University