EcoSolarCool Announces Two New Solar Fridge Models

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MIAMI, Feb. 2, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- EcoSolarCool is a global brand, which manufactures solar fridges, solar freezers and solar powered air conditioners for customers worldwide since 2007.


After 2 years in development EcoSolarCool kicks off 2017 with the release of two excellent additions to their Solar Fridge Upright Type product line (See attached brochure).

EcoSolarCool's key goal with their new range included, developing upright fridges with minimal daily power consumption without losing focus on their mission statement: "Providing Constant, Reliable & Energy Efficient Cooling at Great Value".

Taking into consideration feedback from existing customers worldwide, EcoSolarCool ensured features like reversible doors; a stainless steel model, using Danfoss DC compressors, and having larger refrigeration capacity compared to the freezer were incorporated into these new models. Additionally, at the end of 2016 these are the only two solar fridges to be completely approved to UL250 and CSA standards in the world.

1) EcoSolarCool ESCR260GE 260 Litre Solar Fridge (Metallic Grey)

Made in EcoSolarCool's European factory with the latest and most advanced Danfoss DC compressor, this model provides a comparatively larger cooling refrigeration storage cabinet (235 Litres) to the freezing compartment (25 Litres). The exterior of this model has a metallic grey finish; the freezer compartment is situated on the top and the fridge on the bottom.

The ESCR260GE is ideal for residential customers on boats, in cabins, campervans, on/off-grid homes as well as businesses.

2) EcoSolarCool ESCR355GE 354 Litre Solar Fridge (Stainless Steel)

The ESCR355GE model is made with stainless steel to provide a luxurious appearance while also having ample room for food storage with no compromise to efficiency.

It provides larger cooling refrigeration storage (258 Litres) compared to the freezing compartment (96 Litres). The fridge is situated on the top and the freezer on the bottom and is ideal for residential customers on boats, in cabins, campervans, on/ off-grid homes as well as in businesses.

Both ESCR260GE and ESCR355GE models require to operate, a monocrystalline or polycrystalline solar panel, on average a 46 amp-hour 12 volt AGM, gel or lithium deep-cycle battery and a 15 amp 12/ 24 volt solar charge controller.

Customers can purchase from a number of globally positioned distributors. For more information visit;;

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