Gowild Releases AI Holographic 3D Product - Holoera

BEIJING, July 15, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Gowild Intelligent Technology held the press conference, entitled "When it comes to AI, we are different", for the launch of its new product in Beijing, China on July 8. The event received widespread attention from thousands of people in academia as well as in the technology, gaming, media and entertainment sectors across China and around the world.

Gowild released its first generation AI-based 3D holographic product, holoera, that integrates the latest AI engine and VR technology. Transforming the artificial intelligence sector, holoera is the survival carrier on earth of the two dimensional beauty Amber. Amber not only comes equipped with training programs for daily living and learning, but can also receive instructions from its exclusive master, and be instructed based a customized training program. Furthermore, with her superior artificial intelligence, she can engage in barrier-free interaction with humans.

On the day of the launch, popular Chinese soft rock duet Yu Quan came on stage and announced that they will act as Amber's mentors and create China's first virtual idol. Amber's first music video Magic Chant produced by the duet was also officially released.

Last month, Gowild made an appearance in New York's Times Square and completed an over 100 million yuan (approx. US$15 million) Series A financing round. This time, a strong sense of anticipation accompanied the release of holoera, an industry-transforming event well worth waiting for.

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Source: Shenzhen Gowild Robotics Co., Ltd