HKBN's New Grandparents to Enjoy 3 Days of Grandparenthood Leave

Special Benefits Equivalent to At Least 37 More Days Off Annually
2017-03-27 16:16 1971

HONG KONG, March 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- HKBN Group ("HKBN") announced today the introduction of a new 3-day "Grandparenthood Leave" for Talents who have newly become grandparents, with effect starting 1 April 2017. This leave entitlement allows Talents to take time off to welcome a new member into their family, and celebrate an important moment in life. Open to all Hong Kong based Talents, a family photo of the three generations (including the new-born) is all that is needed to apply for Grandparenthood Leave. 

CY Chan, Associate Director -- Talent Management & Organization Development and Co-Owner, said, "At HKBN, our ethos is that LIFE takes priority over work, which is why we uphold 'LIFE-work priority' rather than 'work-life balance'. We believe when our Talents are empowered with higher flexibility to pursue purposeful personal and family lives, they come to work far more motivated resulting in far increased efficiency and productivity. Our aim is for more companies to adopt similar measures to care for their Talents, and join HKBN to 'Make our Hong Kong a better place to live'."

Besides Grandparenthood Leave, HKBN has in recent years introduced an impressive number of Talent-friendly policies that have reduced employment hours, such as shortened 9-to-5 work days, half-day offs on important festive occasions, monthly half-day off Fridays and more. With 247 work days in 2017, HKBN's Talent-friendly entitlement policies provide the equivalent of 37.4 extra days-off for each Talent (see Appendix 1). In addition, providing far more than the basic requirements stipulated by Hong Kong law, other special leave benefits are available that cater to a range of needs for HKBN Talents (see Appendix 2).    

The following Talent benefits and entitlements demonstrate how HKBN is committed to LIFE-work priority.

Appendix 1:

HKBN special leaves applicable to all HK based office Talents

Equivalent day(s) of leaves (per year)

Shortened working hours

Without cutting pay, we shortened working hours from 8 to 7 hours daily (excluding lunch hour), for a total of 35 hours per week.


Monthly Half-day Off Friday

Everyone is encouraged to leave the office half day earlier 12 times a year


Half-day leave during important festive occasions

Talents enjoy a half-day leave on festival eves to spend more time and celebrate with family and friends, with 5 such days in 2017


Anniversary Leave

One day of paid leave during the month of a Talents' joining to celebrate his/her contributions for a completed year of service. An email reminder to take this leave is sent at the beginning of the relevant month to each Talent.


Family Care Leave

One additional day of paid leave so that Talents can spend quality time together with family.




* Note: (247 standard work days – 19 HKBN special leave days – 13 HKBN standard annual leave days) / 8 working hours per day = 26.9 extra leave days   

Appendix 2:

Other benefits and leaves

Equivalent days of leave (per year)

17-day public holiday entitlement for all Talents

Frontline Talents enjoy 17 days of public holidays annually like the rest of HKBN Talents.


2-for-1 Bonus Leave

Through this creative initiative, Talents can flexibly choose to exchange two days of leave for one day of pay, for up to 10 days of leave annually.


Grandparenthood Leave

By showing a family photo of all three generations (including the new-born), Hong Kong Talents enjoy 3 extra days of leave.


Marriage Leave

5 days of paid Marriage Leave


Upgraded Maternity Leave

16 weeks of full-pay Maternity Leave for our female Talents.


Upgraded Paternity Leave

14 days of full-pay Paternity Leave for our male Talents.


Volunteer Leave

Encourage Talents to participate in voluntary works for society.


Sabbatical Leave

Up to 1-year of no-pay leave to pursue a personal goal or dream.


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