Hang Lung Emerald Award Recognizes Service Excellence by Frontline Staff

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HONG KONG, Aug. 1, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Hang Lung Properties today recognizes the unparalleled performance of six frontline staff members in the area of customer service at its Emerald Award Presentation Ceremony 2016. Demonstrating their service excellence in a number of circumstances, the six winners have become role models for the Company, encouraging the whole Hang Lung team to scale new heights.

Mr. Philip Chen (back row, center), Managing Director of Hang Lung Properties; Mr. H.C. Ho (back row, 4th from right), Executive Director; and members of judging panel pose with the Emerald Award 2016 winners.
Mr. Philip Chen (back row, center), Managing Director of Hang Lung Properties; Mr. H.C. Ho (back row, 4th from right), Executive Director; and members of judging panel pose with the Emerald Award 2016 winners.


Winners of the Emerald Award 2016 attend the presentation ceremony and share their insights into “Going the Extra Mile” in the provision of excellent service.
Winners of the Emerald Award 2016 attend the presentation ceremony and share their insights into “Going the Extra Mile” in the provision of excellent service.

Mr. Philip Chen, Managing Director of Hang Lung Properties said, "Hang Lung views customer service as the very heart of operations throughout our portfolio. We take a people-oriented approach in the design of every detail of our hardware, and this is matched in the supporting software of which customer service forms the core. The Emerald Award was launched to commend our frontline staff who have risen to the challenge of 'Going the Extra Mile' in providing service from the heart, and promoting a culture of service excellence within the company."

Hailing from Amoy Plaza in Hong Kong, Grand Gateway 66 and Grand Gateway 66 Garden in Shanghai, Palace 66 in Shenyang and Parc 66 in Jinan, the six winners work in different roles from Technician, Guest Service Associate to Guest Service Supervisor. The winning cases included the dismantling of a toilet by a technician in order to save a customer's mobile phone; the urgent delivery of a passport to the airport by a Senior Guest Service Associate to ensure a customer would not miss a flight; the tenacious assistance offered by a Senior Guest Service Associate who helped reconnect two elderly friends living in two different cities; and the repeated calling of ambulance services by a Guest Service Supervisor who was worried about the condition of an elderly customer. All these cases demonstrate the spirit of "Going the Extra Mile" which is at the very heart of the Hang Lung Emerald Award.

In addition to receiving a certificate and the Emerald Pin, adorned with white gold and emerald, each winner will also take part in a three-day exchange tour of service excellence, during which they will have the opportunity to understand more about how customer service works in other service industry sectors.

Hang Lung Properties launched the Emerald Award in 2014 aiming to recognize frontline staff who have embodied the spirit of "Going the Extra Mile" in providing a customer experience par excellence, and to reinforce Hang Lung's longstanding centrality of service excellence to its brand and operations. A judging panel comprising senior management members is responsible for selecting the award winners based on their customer service performance, which includes their sense of accountability, initiative, problem-solving skills, creativity, and uniqueness. In 2016, the judging panel received more than 240 nominations from developments in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenyang, Jinan, Wuxi, Tianjin and Dalian.

As an employee engagement program, the Emerald Award has already received a number of international awards and industry accolades.

For details of the six winning cases, please refer to the appendix. Animated videos of the cases are also available for viewing on Hang Lung's website:

Yu Ronghua, Technician at Grand Gateway 66 in Shanghai  

Chan Mun Kan, Guest Service Supervisor at Amoy Plaza in Hong Kong

Chen Wei, Senior Guest Service Associate at Grand Gateway 66 Garden in Shanghai

Betty Zhang, Senior Guest Service Associate at Parc 66 in Jinan  

Zhang Xuan, Senior Guest Service Associate at Parc 66 in Jinan

Liu Miaomiao, Assistant Guest Service Associate at Palace 66 in Shenyang  

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Appendix: Emerald Award 2016 Winning Cases



He used 50kg, the weight of a toilet, of professionalism and flexibility to respond to customer's anxiety.

Yu Ronghua


Grand Gateway 66, Shanghai




Yu Ronghua was asked to assist a customer, Ms. Ji, who accidentally dropped her mobile phone in the space between the back of the toilet and the wall, getting it trapped by a drainpipe in the wall.

The mobile phone had fallen into a very narrow space. Yu tried multiple methods but still failed to reach the phone, while he was afraid of breaking the phone if he used tools to help.

As the phone kept ringing and voice messages piled in, Ms. Ji became very anxious. Yu finally decided to dismantle the entire toilet. Finally, the phone was retrieved.

After the incident, it was learned that Ms. Ji was a resident manager of another commercial center in Shanghai. She wrote a letter of appreciation to the staff of Grand Gateway 66, thanking and highly commending them for "working to overcome difficulties despite the dirty job" and for a sense of "urgency in response to customer anxiety."

Every phone call and regards are all originated from his care and concern.

Chan Mun Kan

Guest Service Supervisor

Amoy Plaza, Hong Kong

One day, 86-year-old Madam Kwan fell down in Amoy Plaza due to a health issue. Chan Mun Kan, who was on duty at the time, informed the control center to call an ambulance to the scene, but Madam Kwan refused to go to the hospital.

Having found out that Madam Kwan lived alone and watching her walk away so unstably, Chan was very concerned and called her the next morning. Hearing her weak voice over the phone along with her indicating that she was experiencing physical discomfort, Chan again called an ambulance for her.

After 45 minutes, Chan still felt uneasy, so he gave Madam Kwan another phone call. She told him that she'd already made it to the hospital and was receiving treatment and thanked him for his help.

Language can be an obstacle. But the relationship can be firm once trust is built up.

Chen Wei

Senior Guest Service Associate

Grand Gateway 66 Garden


One day, Chen Wei received a call for assistance from a Dutch resident, saying that her husband, who was waiting for a flight at the airport, had left his passport at the serviced apartment, but that because she was at home caring for her feverish child, she could not personally take the passport to her husband at the airport. Chen delivered the passport to him at the airport, so that he could make his scheduled flight.

After returning, she further helped the resident by calling an ambulance to take her child to the hospital.

The couple praised Chen for consistently providing truly dedicated assistance to the family, including often providing translations of Chinese texts and care for their two young children, all of which had allowed them to experience a different level of service beyond their expectations in Grand Gateway 66 Garden.

"There are more ways to solve a problem than the number of difficulties encountered." It is always easy to say, while she has made it and proved it. 

Betty Zhang

Senior Guest Service Associate

Parc 66, Jinan




Last August, Betty Zhang was appointed to be in charge of supervising the hoarding installation works by the soon-to-open Apple Store in the mall. Due to the installation of specific materials, the hoarding would affect the lighting, footfall and security arrangement of the area concerned. It would take a lot of efforts to get approval by the relevant government departments.

With much dedication and tenacity, Zhang engaged in discussions with the engineering and security teams to shift the lighting and CCTV cameras, with the leasing team to adjust the pedestrian walkway and set up directional signs; and with the Apple Store to try to shorten the construction period. Finally, after five meetings with the government departments and an on-site inspection by government officials, the hoarding works were approved and the Apple Store was able to forge ahead with its preparations for the launch of the flagship store.  Later, Apple Store wrote an email praising Zhang and her colleagues for their professionalism.

The first Apple Store in Jinan opened in late May of this year in Parc 66.

Hong Kong and Jinan are 1,000 miles away. She has gone the extra mile in linking up the two elderly originally distanced 1,000 miles apart.

Zhang Xuan

Senior Guest Service Associate

Parc 66, Jinan




One day, when Zhang Xuan was on duty at the customer service desk, she met a grandmother more than 70 years old who had come from Hong Kong to visit her friend in Jinan. The grandma's phone had stopped working, preventing her from contacting her friend. Zhang lent her personal cell phone to the grandma, so that the grandma was able to contact her friend. Upon knowing that the grandma's friend was yet another 70-year-old elderly who was not able to receive her at the mall, and that the grandma had to go to her friend's place by herself, Zhang prepared all the information that the grandma needed, including the bus route, bus number, and bus stop name. She even gave her own phone number for the grandma to call if she needed anything, and prepared coins for the grandma to take the bus.

Just before leaving, the grandma said she wanted to buy a sim card in order to use the phone. After finding another colleuage to help her on duty at the customer service desk, Zhang went to a shop nearby to buy a sim card and helped to install it in grandma's phone.

Finally, Zhang was able to reconnect the two elderly together.

Thoughtfulness means to pay attention to one's needs, while patience means to take care of one's needs.

Liu Miaomiao

Assistant Guest Service Associate

Palace 66, Shenyang


One day, a female guest fell and broke her shoe in Palace 66. Liu Miaomiao approached the guest to check for injuries or physical discomfort. The guest informed her that she was fine but that her shoe was broken.

Liu offered to help the guest take her shoe for repair, but the guest said she would first buy a pair of new shoes to replace them. Liu immediately asked what sort of shoes she would like to buy. After accompanying the guest to the shoe store, Liu continued to help the guest make her selection until she found a new pair of shoes that she loved. The guest said that not only was Liu's attitude friendly, but that she was also very attentive and patient. She also said that her recommendations had been practical and saved her a lot of time.

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