Hangzhou Qipao highlighting natural treasures pops up at international landmarks

2017-06-06 21:00 3953

HANGZHOU, China, June 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Hangzhou, China's paradise city along the ancient Silk Road, has successfully wrapped up a worldwide celebration of the timeless Qipao style and silk cultural heritage during May in New York, Madrid, London, Hamburg, Sydney and Hangzhou.

On May 26, 80 New York ladies dressed in Hangzhou qipaos performed dances at Battery Park. Next to Lake Alster in Hamburg, 50 ladies dressed in qipaos performed traditional Chinese waist drum, fan dance, Tai Chi and chorus. In Sydney, a special show in collaboration with Australia Oriental Dance Group took the elegant silk dress to multiple landmarks. Hangzhou qipao style is inspired by the local landscape. The women in Hangzhou's unique qipao which paints the breathtaking landscape on the elegant dresses handed out Hangzhou travel guides at the events.

In Hangzhou, grand qipao fashion shows and performances presented by 500 women of all ages who come from different countries also took place at five locations including West Lake, the Grand Canal, Longwu Tea Town, China Silk Museum and Sofitel Hangzhou Westlake.

"I've seen qipaos in many Chinese movies and it's a very sophisticated dress that shows off feminine beauty, today I tried one on for the first time and I'm surprised to see how qipaos can fit everyone from everywhere charmingly," said Tessa Davis, an audience member at the event.

Hangzhou also launched online games to exhibit qipao and silk culture in fun, engaging ways, and the series of events were also streamed live combining traditional and new media channels at

The event is part of Hangzhou's latest tourism campaign Project F that aims to engage and interact with global audiences to promote Hangzhou's rich historical and cultural heritages through online channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram.

"Hangzhou is actively seeking new, exciting ways to interact with global audiences on social media platforms to bring an immersive experience highlighting the best of Hangzhou's historic relics, artistic treasures and upbeat lifestyle," remarked Zhao Hongzhong, deputy director of the Hangzhou Tourism Commission.

From 2013 to 2014, Hangzhou launched "Modern Marco Polo", its first global tourism campaign. It demonstrated the city's charming beauties on four major new media platforms. The 18-month journey was recognized by the international tourism industry as a successful case of new media marketing. The next major adventure, "Hangzhou China Global Tour," visited 10 cities in seven countries along the Belt and Road Initiative map from 2015 to 2016 and more fans joined the journey.

About Hangzhou

Host of the most recent G20 summit, Hangzhou is a city praised by Marco Polo as the finest and most splendid in the world. Home to tea and silk, it continues its legacy from its time as a flourishing dynastic capital to a vibrant and dazzling metropolis with World Heritage sites, scenic natural vistas and profound Chinese culture. Located 50 minutes from Shanghai by high-speed rail, Hangzhou offers 144-hour visa-free transit.

Source: Hangzhou Tourism Commission