Hubble Connected to Display Expanded Product Line at CBME China

Hubble Connected continues to strengthen their brand after acquiring baby-focused platform, Kaishi Pte. Ltd.
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HONG KONG, July 10, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Hubble Connected, a leader in integrated and connected baby technology and a leading licensee of the Motorola brand, will be proudly displaying their latest line of baby and children's products at Children Baby Maternity Expo (CBME) in China, the world's largest sourcing event for child, baby, and maternity products and services. CBME attendees will get a sneak peek inside Hubble's latest innovations and a firsthand look at the brand's ground-breaking technology.

With Hubble's acquisition of Kaishi Pte. Ltd. (Kaishi), winner of the CES 2017 The Bump's Best of Baby Tech Award and the Yuer People's Choice Award, Hubble has extended their cutting-edge portfolio into the prenatal stage with both an innovative IoT device and a social platform that allows parents the anytime, anywhere ability to track their baby's development from 18 weeks of gestation through 3 years of age. The companies will integrate their mobile app platforms to allow the full family of Motorola-branded nursery devices to be monitored in one easy-to-use app, providing a rich source of relevant content and community features to all its users. Attendees at CBME China will get a firsthand look at the brand's expansive product line within Motorola's Smart Nursery ecosystem, the Innovation Award winner in the "World of Kids Safety" category from trade show Kind + Jugend 2016, as well as Kaishi's full product line including:

  • Motorola Smart Nursery Air Purifier -- The newest device in the Smart Nursery ecosystem from Motorola is a connected air purifier, controlled with the Hubble app for smartphone and tablets. The air purifier helps baby breathe easy and sleep soundly by increasing moisture in the nursery. The device removes 99.97% of airborne particles including allergens, pollen, dust mites, pet dander and has a dust sensor, so that it can automatically adjust purification on/off, speed setting (4 speeds) according to air quality level detected. It got a soothing nightlight, child safety lock, and programmable scheduler.   
  • Motorola Smart Soother Patch -- Providing connected real time body temperature tracking, especially the little one is having high body temperature, the medical proven Smart Soother Patch from Motorola allows for continuous remote monitoring up to 24 hours, real-time reading and body temperature notifications as well as memory recall, for up to 200 readings. As part of the Smart Nursery ecosystem from Motorola, you can track data on compatible smartphones and tablets and instantly share all temperature readings to doctors and family members through the app.
  • Motorola Smart Nursery Thermometers -- There are two new thermometers from Motorola as part of the Smart Nursery ecosystem: an in-ear thermometer and a touchless forehead non-contact thermometer. Both are connected thermometers with temperature recording providing fast and accurate measurement of body and object (liquid) temperature, and real-time reading transmission via Bluetooth to smart phones. Other features include reminders and alarms for doctors' appointments, taking medicine, etc., and the ability to instantly share all temperature readings to doctors and family members through the Smart Nursery app.
  • Xinkaishi Fetal Heartbeat Listening Device -- The award-winning fetal listening device is optimized for safety, performance, and the emotional empowerment of expecting mothers by connecting via Bluetooth to the Hubble app that detects and visualizes the frequency of the baby's heartbeat with a battery that lasts up to 50 hours. It has proven acoustic sensing technology that allows mothers to hear their baby's heartbeat without noise, emitting zero radiation for continuous use, without the need for ultrasound gel.
  • Kaishi Adore and Adore Plus Smart Bracelets -- An innovative digital platform for healthy women's lifestyle, the Adore and Adore Plus Smart Bracelets provide health-related statistics monitoring that measures steps, heart rate and sleep, and has a host of unique features including stand-up reminders and an up to 10-day battery life. The bracelets come in a fashionable red or white and are the first smart bracelets designed specifically around the lifestyle needs of women.

"We are looking forward to showing our expanded product line at CBME China," said Dino Lalvani, Founder and CEO of Hubble Connected. "Our newest technology in our Smart Nursery line, coupled with the Kaishi products, shows our depth in the marketplace and we are thrilled to give CBME attendees the opportunity to experience them firsthand."

All of the products showcased connect to Hubble, an IoT platform and the largest connected provider of video cloud services. Hubble is helping simplify lives by connecting multiple facets of day-to-day life including home, nursery, audio, car, phones and more.

For more information and a personal look at Motorola's Smart Nursery and connected baby monitors, Hubble Connected and Kaishi, please visit the Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC), booth # Hall 4 -- 1 B - 60, July 19-21, 2017.

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Hubble makes it easy to stay connected with your favorite people, places and pets with live video streaming and up-to-date smart notifications wherever you are. Hubble is also the first Platform-as-a-Service for the connected home. Offering complete SDK, API integration documentation and reference design, Hubble enables leading brands and hardware manufacturers to rapidly integrate and connect new products to the cloud.

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About Kaishi Pte. Ltd.

Kaishi was founded and incubated in California in early 2015 with the aim of helping mothers and new families reduce anxieties and bring joy to their daily lives. The first Kaishi device allows expectant mothers to listen to their developing baby's heartbeat on a mobile phone, and to record and share that heartbeat with family and friends over social media. Launching first in China, the Xinkaishi mobile app also provides mothers-to-be with personalized and contextually relevant health information validated by medical experts, as well as connecting growing families with rich content, media and community features and high-quality, value-added products and services.

Kaishi is now headquartered in Singapore with a significant team presence in Shanghai. To learn more about how Kaishi is nurturing the future generation, please visit

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