Infinitus 2015 Corporate Social Responsibility Report Released

GUANGZHOU, China, April 23, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Infinitus, a member of the LKK Health Products Group (LKKHPG), releases the Infinitus 2015 Corporate Social Responsibility Report (the Report) on 23rd April, 2016. This is the ninth consecutive year for Infinitus to release its annual CSR report since 2008.

Infinitus 2015 Corporate Social Responsibility Report Released
Infinitus 2015 Corporate Social Responsibility Report Released

The Report is compiled according to the 4th edition of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Guidelines. It covers the CSR performance of the four Infinitus members in Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia, and it also highlights a part of the CSR practices initiated by three of LKKHPG's new members, namely Naturale (China) Pharma Co., Ltd., HeHa Digital Health Ltd., and Infinitus Property Investment Company Ltd.      

The Report is published in printed and digital format. The printed version elaborates the most significant CSR practices of Infinitus in six aspects: health, quality, employees, partners, environment and the community. The digital version is illustrated in three languages, including simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and English.   

In the Report, Infinitus illustrates its idea of CSR through explaining the usages of oranges: just like someone use the orange peel and other ones use the orange to make juices, resources usually have various usages and values. However people tend to focus on and utilize the familiar, while neglecting the rest. This induces scarcity and waste of resources. It shows that only to create shared values can one achieve a win-win outcome.

The Report mentions that the establishment of the three new business units in 2015 is to create a larger ecosphere of shared sustainable development for the company and society. The company is devoted to optimizing the plantation and management of Chinese herbs as to ensure the quality of resources; it also fully leverages the advantages of mobile social platforms to help people to build a healthy lifestyle and live a more exhilarating life. All of these synergize with Infinitus' health products business which better drives the progress of the health product industry across the industrial chain and benefits more stakeholders.    

It is also mentioned in the Report that CSR plays multiple roles for a company: it is a multiplier for expanding the business's significance, a source for inspiring staff's innovations, a compass for directing the company's development strategies, a bridge of building credentials within business, all these enforce the company to achieve sustainable growth. In the operation and management of a company, CSR on the one hand helps the company identify and fix loopholes like astral lamps during surgery; on the other hand, it catalyzes the innovation of the company by helping the company better serve the needs of stakeholders.            

"Infinitus has kept on practicing CSR internally and externally. Their thought of 'Create Shared Value' defines a new business philosophy. Their innovative approaches in CSR practices are worth thinking about," said Mr. Yu Zhihong, Managing Director of the International Research Center for Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development of Peking University.  

Mr. Harry Yeung, Senior Vice President of LKKHPG, said, "To create shared value for the community is not just the current trend, but also a pathway for the sustainability of the company. Upholding 'Si Li Ji Ren' (considering interest of all the parties before taking any action) as the core value, the company adopt a helicopter view and put itself in a larger ecological system and value chains, thus able to identify greater development opportunities."

Click the below link for the full version of Infinitus 2015 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Scan the QR code for reading the Report on Wechat
Scan the QR code for reading the Report on Wechat

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