Le Prabelle Hotel Receives TUV Rheinland Eco Hotel Certification

New Milestone Reached in Creating Social Value
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HONG KONG, Feb. 26, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- In December, 2015, the Le Prabelle Hotel completed and passed the rigorous Eco Hotel certification by TUV Rheinland. The process consisted of 7 key procedures covering management-level commitment, differentiation assessment, system development and adjustment, system execution and training, internal review, certification review and follow-up review. Completing the certification means Le Prabelle is now officially an Eco Hotel. The Eco Hotel certification of Le Prabelle Hotel has now been uploaded to TUV Rheinland's online certification database Certipedia. As consumers can access the certification information on this platform at any time this will increase their confidence in the environmental commitment of the hotel.

Le Prabelle Hotel Receives TUV Rheinland Eco Hotel Certification
Le Prabelle Hotel Receives TUV Rheinland Eco Hotel Certification

The certification presentation ceremony was held at the Le Prabelle Hotel on February 15, 2016. Both Raymond Chan, COO of TUV Rheinland Hong Kong, and Raymond Lee, Managing Director of Prabelle Hotel, attended the ceremony. During the presentation ceremony, Chan said that "Being an energy-intensive industry, it is inevitable for hotels to make a push on environmental protection and carbon reduction. Le Prabelle Hotel is leading the way in green operations. Its realization of environmentally sustainable development in business operations and implementation of various green initiatives is to be commended." Lee also expressed how honored he felt to be certified: "We are delighted to receive the TUV Rheinland Eco Hotel Certification. It represents acknowledgment, praise and encouragement for the environmental efforts at our hotel. The hotel and tourism-related industry certification services offered by TUV Rheinland not only helped us fulfill our commitment to the environment but also reduced the operation costs. The certification is of great importance to us and increases the competitiveness of our existing and future hotels."

Environmental protection is now becoming increasingly important among travelers and they have shown a preference for environmental friendly hotels. Hotels with related certification are therefore more attractive to travelers. In response to this trend, Le Prabelle Hotel chose to collaborate with TUV Rheinland due to its sound reputation and technical expertise. "TUV Rheinland provided the hotel with extensive assessment and guidance on improvements to existing environmental practice. Apart from improving our business efficiency, it also reduced our consumption of resources and energy. It also recognized that our green management policy is aligned with international standards. The collaboration is one of the main components of our green marketing promotion. It will make a good impression on travelers all around the world." Lee added.

TUV Rheinland Eco Hotel Certification - A Certification Designed to Hotel Requirements

TUV Rheinland Eco Hotel Certification is based on international standards such as ISO 14001, energy conservation, occupational health and safety, food safety and corporate social responsibility. It also conforms with the principle of 3R (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle). It reviews the hotel's energy management, water resource and waste management, compliance management and safety management. Over 1,000 hotels in more than 20 countries have now successfully been successfully reviewed and/or certified by TUV Rheinland.

TUV Rheinland Greater China

TUV Rheinland Group is an internationally-renowned provider of third-party testing, inspection and certification services. The Group has over 140 years of experience and branches in 69 countries on five continents. It employs more than 19,300 people worldwide and can provide global customers with the professional service and support they need. TUV Rheinland Greater China has around 3,600 employees. Testing and certification services include industrial and renewable energy services, electronic and electrical product testing, communications testing, consumer product testing, ergonomic evaluation, transportation services, railway system safety, food safety, green products, carbon emission management, training and management as well as management systems. TUV Rheinland has always been known for the rigor of its testing and certification services. It provides professional assessments from a fair and independent perspective in order to offer local businesses with quality services and solutions for safety, quality and environmental compliance.

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Le Prabelle Hotel

The Le Prabelle Hotel is located in the Kowloon district near many key landmarks. Apart from providing guests with comfortable rooms and services, it has also set an example in social innovation, operational efficiency and sustainable growth by showing how to create social value alongside business value. Le Prabelle thought outside the box and incorporated social elements into its corporate core in hopes of creating more opportunities and having a positive influence on society through its operations. Le Prabelle is now a role-model of "Impact Business " through supporting charities in Hong Kong and partnering with social enterprises. For example, it purchases creative handicrafts from charities to serve as customer souvenirs; the hotel also exhibits artworks created by disabled artists and set up the Good Lab@Prince to provide a work space for creative social initiatives. The hotel is also the first to offer one-stop accommodation, transportation and tour guide services for impaired guests. In 2016 Le Prabelle Hotel received the Eco Hotel Certification from TUV Rheinland and officially became an eco hotel.

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