Mixtile Showcases Internet Independent Smart Home Controller at IFA 2017

2017-09-04 19:42 1794

BERLIN, Sept. 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The smart home solution provider, Mixtile, showcased its home automation controller Mixtile Hub at IFA 2017. Mixtile Hub is internet independent that it can process and store data locally, ensuring security and privacy.

Mixtile can support ZigBee devices, Z-Wave devices, and other connected devices for which there are corresponding and adaptive plug-ins installed. It is compatible with a wide range of smart devices from different brands, including but not limited to thermostats, locks, smart bulbs, cameras, music players and various kinds of smart home sensors.

Mixtile Hub has a 1.2GHz Quad-Core Cortex™-A7 processor, which is powerful enough to handle data locally and an 8GB storage to store data in the hub itself, so that there is no risk of exposing data to cloud. It keeps working even if the internet connection fails.

In addition to standard SSL, Mixtile Hub adds the end to end encryption to protect the data transmission and ensure the privacy. Remote controlling Mixtile Hub with the App is also secure, because all data is only recognizable by the hub and the mobile device, thanks to the end to end encryption.

Mixtile Hub also has a built-in voice control system. Unlike cloud-based voice control technology, Mixtile voice control is not so multi-functional, but it processes the voice locally to ensure a higher security and provides a rapid response all the time, connected to the internet or not.

Though most operations of Mixtile Hub do not rely on cloud, Mixtile does have a cloud for remote access and enabling various cloud-based service to work with the hub. For example, users can enjoy the convenience of popular voice assistants via Mixtile Cloud.

Other Key Takeaways

  • Open source system. Mixtile Hub is compatible with Eclipse SmartHome Framework and loTivity, more devices and functions can be added if only further develops it.
  • Backup Battery. Mixtile Hub has a rechargeable backup battery that will automatically power the hub when hit by power outages.
  • Big Screen Console. TV may serve as an external display of Mixtile Hub when the hub and TV are connected with a HDMI cable.

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Like to experience Mixtile Hub and get to know more? Visit Mixtile at IFA 2017 Global Markets Station-Berlin Booth S1-202.

Source: Mixtile
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