Moet Hennessy Celebrates the Success of Solar Impulse

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ABU DHABI, UAE, July 26, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

More than a year after the beginning of the round the world tour, Solar Impulse returned to Abu Dhabi achieving the impossible. 

As an Official Partner of Solar Impulse and Host Partner of the Mission Control Center in Monaco, Moët Hennessy accompanied Solar Impulse at every moment of its round-the-world tour.

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After a 48-hour journey from Cairo in the single-passenger cockpit, Solar Impulse Pilot, Initiator and Chairman Bertrand Piccard was welcomed by André Borschberg, Solar Impulse Pilot, CEO and Co-Founder in Abu Dhabi. Thirteen years after their initial vision of travelling around the world powered only by the sun, their dream became a reality.

Christophe Navarre, Chairman and CEO of Moët Hennessy, witnessed the arrival from the Mission Control Center in Monaco. In speaking with André Borschberg by telephone just after Bertrand Piccard's arrival, he stated "Congratulations! You did it! This was a long journey and an important step for humanity. We are proud and we are humbled to be your partner." He was joined by Serge Telle, French Minister of State of Monaco, and Raymond Clerc, Mission Director of Solar Impulse, to offer a Moët & Chandon toast to the entire team in recognition of their incredible work and the shared values of Solar Impulse and Moët Hennessy: a pioneering spirit and attention to the earth.

"Celebrating Sustainability" 

Solar Impulse and Moët Hennessy seek to raise awareness of the vast potential of clean technologies. Together they celebrate a leap towards a better world.

All Moët Hennessy wines and spirits are fruits of the earth. Each of the 22 brands within the Moët Hennessy portfolio embraces a proactive environmental policy to ensure transmission of this heritage for centuries to come. All the vineyards of all Moët Hennessy's Champagne Maisons - Moët & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot, Dom Pérignon, Ruinart, Krug and Mercier - achieved the double certification of "Sustainable Vineyards" and "High Environmental Value" in 2014. Hennessy Cognac was the first company in the wine and spirits sector worldwide to receive certification in 1998 for its Environmental Management System, which has been subsequently renewed every three years. Moët Hennessy estates promote biodiversity, the protection of local habitats and water conservation around the world.

Pioneer Spirit 

In addition to being an innovator in sustainable development, Moët Hennessy is defined by breaking boundaries, both geographic and human. From the beginning, each brand sought to attain higher levels of excellence and share their products with new consumers across the world. The first shipments of Veuve Clicquot to Russia were in 1780. The first shipments of Hennessy to the United States were in 1794. Moët Hennessy was the first French company to begin planting vineyards in distant lands - from the sparkling Chandon in Mendoza, Argentina in 1959 to the most recent launch of red wine Ao Yun in Shangri-La, China this year.

Today, Moët Hennessy exports 95% of its production and is the world's leading producer and exporter of luxury wines and spirits.

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Source: Moet Hennessy SNC