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New Ceramic Coating, Enhanced Rice and Bread Tastes Captivate Consumers

2016-04-14 08:00

SEOUL, South Korea, April 14, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Cooking equipment, laden with taste and health, is expected to captivate consumers with the new life trend.

Various tools have been developed to cook rice, the staple food of Asian culture, where the most common cookware is the rice cooker. The technology to improve the taste of rice and cuisine with electric rice cookers while not destroying nutrients has been developed centering on Japan, China, and Korea, but the reproduction of the taste of rice and cuisine made in a cauldron still remains to be solved.

SAMKWANG Co., Ltd., located in Korea, is a company which specializes in developing and producing NEOSTONE ceramic coating, which is environment-friendly and has excellent durability and non-stickiness, and supplies it worldwide to be applied to various cooking equipment, ovens, and baking tools. It has now developed the ceramic coating for electric rice cookers and applied it to the internal pot of the electric rice cooker so that it can now supply products with healthy quality and great rice taste.

With the team working with Dong-Seok Lee, the professor of clinical pathology at the School of Biomedical Science and Engineering, Inje University, the rice made in the inner pot to which the already widely used PTFE coating had been applied and the rice made in the inner pot to which the newly developed ceramic coating had been applied have been comparatively analyzed for the taste, and it has been scientifically analyzed that the taste of the rice made in the inner pot to which the newly developed ceramic coating was better. Moreover, it has been analyzed that the taste of bread was also superior than the existing PTFE coating when applied to the bread machine.

The new type of ceramic coating is superior to the existing PTFE coating in terms of heat transfer by far-infrared radiant heat and hydration by vapor, so that it helps to facilitate the enzyme activity such as amylase, protease, lipase, or nuclease in rice or flour and thus expedites the saccharification of carbohydrates (starch) physio-chemically, and also expedites the additional saccharification by enzymes in the human mouth. Moreover, the transformations of protein into peptide (the smallest unit of protein, taste component), of fat into fatty acid (hydrolysis of fat), and of nucleic acid into nucleotide (constituent unit of nucleic acid, taste-reinforcing substance) are also expedited so that the sweetness, savoriness, and spiciness are overall well in harmony after cooking or baking, showing that the taste compound has been boosted by about 2 times (200%) for rice and about 1.3 times (130%) for bread.

Such a study result suggests that the rice made with the rice cooker applied with the new type of ceramic coatings can lead to better digestion by enzymes while being chewed in the mouth, so that the consumers can feel the superior rice taste.

SAMKWANG Co., Ltd. is exporting worldwide with the excellent ceramic coatings manufacturing technology, and continues the research and development for new ceramic coating. As a result, it is growing to be a company that changes the environment-friendly and healthy kitchen culture to help the consumers lead a safe and tasty life.

Person in charge: Hyun-Kwan Park
Contact: +82-51-744-5485, +82-70-4048-0445

Source: SAMKWANG Co., Ltd.
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