Prenetics Launches iGenes Test with Quality HealthCare

Partnership begins in April with Hong Kong's dominant healthcare provider
2016-04-28 09:00 4348

HONG KONG, April 28, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Prenetics announced the launch of its proprietary iGenes test within the Quality HealthCare Medical Services Limited ("QHMS") network in Hong Kong, providing access to precision medicine for the many patients who visit the QHMS network every year.

The iGenes test helps physicians prescribe medications and dosages to achieve the most effective results with the least side effects, based on their patients' unique DNA profile. iGenes is a non-invasive buccal swab test with results available on the Prenetics mobile application within 48 hours. The test is particularly relevant to Hong Kong's aging population, when chronic disease typically emerge.

"We are excited to bring the iGenes product to the wider Hong Kong population through Quality HealthCare's extensive network of healthcare providers, allowing us to make a deeply meaningful impact on the health and wellness of the Hong Kong population. Patients who take the iGenes test under the advice of their doctors can expect better quality of life from avoiding adverse side effects and achieving treatment efficacy sooner," quoted Danny Yeung, CEO of the genetic testing company.  

Dr. Alexander Chiu, Executive Medical Director of QHMS, said, "QHMS is excited to be the first network of clinics in Hong Kong, and indeed in Asia, to provide the iGenes test. We believe in providing the best and most advanced healthcare services; the iGenes tests allows our doctors to better prescribe medications to patients using scientifically-proven technology, providing access to new successful technologies that are widely adopted in markets like the US."

Prenetics believes that patient education and practitioner training are critical to popularize Precision Medicine, and invests heavily in training and support. Prenetics also employs a full panel of research scientists to continually innovate and develop products in the precision medicine and personalized healthcare space.

About Quality HealthCare Medical Services

Quality HealthCare Medical Services Limited (QHMS), Hong Kong, became part of Bupa, an international healthcare group, in October 2013. QHMS' operations span diagnostics, primary healthcare and day care specialties. With roots tracing back to 1868, QHMS serves the community through a network of around 100 multi-specialty centres and over 500 affiliated clinics offering Western Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Diagnostics & Imaging, Dental, Physiotherapy services, etc. It also operates a private nursing agency. QHMS is one of the largest providers of healthcare services to corporates in Hong Kong. In 2015, the Group recorded more than 2.8 million healthcare visits. QHMS endeavors to enhance the quality of our professional services continuously to satisfy the needs of customers and patients.

About PreneticsTM

Prenetics is a Precision Medicine Life Sciences company. Prenetics' proprietary iGenes test enables physicians to help patients identify the right drug, right dosage and to list out potential adverse drug reactions, based on one's genetic profile. Prenetics' vision is to improve quality of life, prevent ADR's and to save on healthcare costs by providing the tools essential for personalized medication management. For more information, visit

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