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ReadyFundGo to Launch Crowdfunding Project - Aussie Food To You

2016-11-07 19:17
-Help farmers and boost rural communities' development, by home-delivery of food directly from farms

SYDNEY, Nov. 7, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Australia may have come to the crowdfunding party a little later than the US but Jill Storey, the new CEO at ReadyFundGo is sure that Aussies will party hard once they have had their aperitif.

Aussie Food To You are creating an app to enable farmers to sell directly
Aussie Food To You are creating an app to enable farmers to sell directly

"We have some amazing projects coming on board at ReadyFundGo that have the potential to create sustainable change for the nation. We have the official launch this week on November 9 at Parliament House of the campaign Aussie Food To You."

Aussie Food to You is a new Aussie business start-up, the brain child of Peter Askew, a Victorian country boy creating an excellent consumer service whilst at the same time helping farmers and putting profits back into rural communities.

Imagine you are having friends round for supper how much better will it be if you can arrange for fresh ingredients to be delivered to your door that evening at a certain time. Not only will the meats you select have more flavor and be of better value than the equivalent cut from the supermarket, but you will also be able to let your friends know exactly which farm your eye fillets come from and know if the cows have been grass-fed. Think of how much tastier will it be when you know you are also helping the farmers and Australian rural communities.

Jill, an ex-partner with Deloitte, has been passionate about crowdfunding since she set up her first platform in 2012 understanding its transformational powers. Crowdfunding enables dreams to be realised and gives everyone the ability to make a positive difference however small.

If you want to be a disrupter visit

If you select a reward from AU$50 to AU$1,000 you are effectively just pre-purchasing premium meat to enable the initiative get off the ground.

If you pay by credit card your card is not charged until the campaign hits its target. It is a win-win.

Other new campaigns to look out for this week include Green Grove, the oldest organic farm in Australia, and a campaign to monitor water quality in Sydney Harbour.

About ReadyFundGo:

ReadyFundGo is Australia's "Kickstarter". It is a reward-based crowdfunding platform working with innovators, entrepreneurs and disruptors who are "making a difference" for a better Australia.


Source: ReadyFundGo
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