SimplyGiving's Personal Fundraising Product launches in HK

SimplyGiving has been Asia's premier fundraising site for charitable causes for the last six years
Their new Personal Fundraising Product supports individual fundraisers from all walks of life to directly raise funds for their personal cause or a project close to their heart
2017-06-16 09:00 4500

HONG KONG, June 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- SimplyGiving, Asia's leading fundraising website that enables people to donate and support causes they care about, has announced the launch of its Personal Fundraising product in Hong Kong.

Hong Kongers, regardless of their background or circumstances, can raise money for themselves or their friends using SimplyGiving's Personal Fundraising option.

Nikki Kinloch, CEO of SimplyGiving, is currently visiting the company's key markets in Asia to discuss philanthropy and online platforms. She says, "We want to make crowdfunding even more accessible. We encourage people in Hong Kong to raise their hands and ask for financial help to support them in their endeavours. They may need to raise funds for their family's medical bills, to cover their utilities after a redundancy or for larger scale projects that do not have charitable status but require funding to move forward. It can be for anything, as long as the fundraisers meet our verification criteria."

The near closure of Flow Bookshop in Central is a recent high-profile example of how the SimplyGiving Personal Fundraising platform can be used.

Kinloch says, "We heard about Surdham Lam's plight through social media and reached out to him. We set up a Personal Fundraising page for him and in a couple of days it raised HKD30,000. Through these last minute efforts, he was able to pay back his landlord and get back onto his feet with many offers of business support as well."

SimplyGiving's new fundraising product allows people to easily connect with their immediate network -- school friends, family, colleagues -- as well as those who are beyond it.

Kinloch continues, "Just as we witnessed with Flow Bookshop, complete strangers can be good Samaritans and Hong Kong people are some of the most generous in Asia. They are willing to help people who they might not otherwise come across in their day-to-day lives. Not everyone can be a philanthropist but many of us are keen to help those in need. We rarely hear about the individual plights of those who need support but through SimplyGiving, it is now easier to find and donate to different people with different ambitions."

The SimplyGiving Fundraising Platform also makes it easier for people to pay with credit cards in anyone of thirteen currencies. Kinloch says, "The ease of donating is what is key here. Asking people to transfer money to your bank account is both time-consuming and risky. Using SimplyGiving's platform quickens the process, removes the risk by being clear and transparent, and broadens the audience of potential donors."


Established in 2010, with offices in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong, SimplyGiving's award winning platform works with 34,000 donors and fundraisers and 100,000 Facebook followers across Asia to maximise their fundraising potential.

With a focus on combining the power of social media and tech innovation, SimplyGiving is uniquely positioned to help its partners not only fundraise in their local market, but extend their reach globally with a multi-lingual and multi-currency platform, including a choice of 13 currencies that supporters can donate in.

Whether it's peer-to-peer fundraising, crowdfunding for individuals, social lending, event ticketing and registration or merchandising, SimplyGiving's ongoing innovation helps its partners optimize their ability to raise money efficiently and securely.

SimplyGiving in Hong Kong

For the first time in the company's six-year history, Hong Kong has overtaken Singapore to become the number one location for total funds raised and the highest average donation, year to date. The average donation is 25% higher than Singapore, with 32% more donors. Hong Kong has also raised 66% more in total donation funds.

Source: SimplyGiving