TUV Rheinland extends service to NCC accreditation for mobile phones

2017-11-13 16:54 711

TAIPEI, , Nov. 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- After passing the laboratory accreditation process of the National Communication Commission (NCC) in 2012, TUV Rheinland has recently passed the NCC accreditation process for mobile phones certifications, with the scope of the certifications extending from short-range radio frequency devices to 3G/4G wireless devices, thereby providing the fullest range of wireless communication testing for foreign telecommunication terminal products distributed to Taiwan. Capturing the development trend for mobile communication technology, TUV Rheinland Taiwan is committed to offering integrated services covering testing, certification  and consultation for a wide variety of wireless products from Bluetooth to 4G, in order to fulfill global distribution demand for wireless communication product one-stop service.

Advances in communication technology enable the growth of wireless communication products. To ensure the safety of public networks, and to comply with radio spectrum control, each country has established relevant regulations to guarantee equipment operation with the least interference. Therefore, before wireless products are launched in Taiwan, they must pass testing conducted by, and obtain a certificate issued by, a NCC-accredited laboratory to ensure conformity with related NCC requirements.

As mobile phones are small, and a person can have more than one, the high replacement rate for mobile phones has helped periphery industries thrive. Perceiving the promising future for wearables, smart homes, and IoT, as well as for testing and certification services for low-power radio frequency wireless products, TUV Rheinland has acquired mobile phone communication technology certification permitting it to provide product testing and certification services for mobile phones and 3G/4G technologies, enabling it to fulfill the demand for certification of mobile phone products.

As an NCC-approved certification body for controlled telecommunications radio frequency devices, TUV Rheinland is qualified to provide testing and certification services for telecommunication terminal equipment (public land mobile network, PLMN) and controlled telecommunications radio frequency devices (low-power radio frequency devices) distributed to Taiwan, fulfilling the demand for one-stop service of wireless device manufacturers.

Source: TUV Rheinland