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Taiwan's CATCHPLAY Launches Next-Generation Video-On-Demand Services

2016-03-23 09:00
-Partnerships with StarHub and Telkom Indonesia also announced

TAIPEI, March 23, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Taiwan's leading independent film distributor and digital content aggregator launches the CATCHPLAY On Demand service today, with a special focus on movies. It is also announcing its partners in two additional Asia-Pacific markets - StarHub Singapore and Telkom Indonesia - which will have associate services launching in the second quarter of 2016.

Taiwan’s CATCHPLAY Launches Next-Generation Video-On-Demand Services
Taiwan’s CATCHPLAY Launches Next-Generation Video-On-Demand Services

Mr. Harvey Chang, Chairman of CATCHPLAY Group, says, "In recent years, CATCHPLAY has quietly and purposefully expanded its business from theatrical distribution to film financing and production, aggregating digital content for many leading digital platforms and the operation of our own movie channel. Today we launch our new digital platform that extends the services we provide to movie lovers. With this new platform, we can better contribute to the health and vitality of the region's content industry."

According to Ericsson ConsumerLab TV & Media Report 2015, more than half of Taiwan consumers watch digital streaming content daily, averaging 7.8 hours each week. Although this is 13% higher than the current global average, which has doubled to 6.0 hours since 2011, it reflects the broader worldwide trend in digital media consumption. With today's announcements, CATCHPLAY maintains its position at at the vanguard of this major shift in consumer trends in the Asia-Pacific region.

Tailored Content Born from a Passion for Movies

CATCHPLAY On Demand features not only movies from NBC Universal, Warner Brothers, Walt Disney and various independent studios in Hollywood, but also Asian and Chinese-language films. Compared to other services, Taiwan audiences will enjoy a greater diversity of content and a higher ratio of new releases. Mr. Timothy Chen, Chairman of CATCHPLAY, says, "We are focusing on both the quality of the content and the quality of the viewing experience; for example, we know that audiences will not accept advertisements interrupting our movies. With these two priorities, we will attract and retain the most loyal consumers." Ms. Daphne Yang, Chief Executive Officer of CATCHPLAY, says, "According to our research, 60% of Asia-Pacific consumers primarily switch to paid on-demand services for movie content; and 80% of that revenue is for new releases. In other words, new movies are the core content, representing 48% - almost half - of audience's monetizable attention. This perfectly aligns with the direction of our new service that focuses on the best and most diverse new movies for the Taiwan market and our regional partners."

A Platform for Movie Lovers Made by Movie Lovers

Since its launch in 2007, CATCHPLAY has emerged as the most cutting edge film company in the Taiwan entertainment industry, with an understanding of not only consumer viewing patterns but also the role of innovation in creating successful digital video platforms. Ms. Daphne Yang, Chief Executive Officer of CATCHPLAY, says, "Our team is simply a bunch of film buffs who know what functions to provide, what information to display, and what interface to design so as to create the best online movie service for other movie lovers. We believe that existing online video services have only brought the physical DVD rental experience to the Internet, ignoring the discoverabilities and the role that social networking can play on an online platform." CATCHPLAY On Demand provides a one-stop shop for movie related content in more than 320 genres/categories with links to extensive movie-related information - including personalized recommendations - on multiple screens. Version 2.0, currently in development, will add much anticipated cross-device social networking capabilities to the already provided mobile applications, website and TV apps allowing users to not only watch movies but also connect with their friends on the Service from any internet-connected digital devices.

Free Registration; Flexible Payment Options; All-You-Can-Eat Library Option

The all new CATCHPLAY On Demand offers multiple payment methods and pricing options:

  1. Movie Fans: Free sign-up, requiring no credit card to register, that includes one free movie from a curated selection each month for as long as the Service is there. Additional movies can be rented individually for NT$60 (US$1.85), with newer releases priced at NT$80 (US$2.47).
  2. Movie Lovers: A paid subscription for NT$250 (US$7.72) per month, inclusive of two free movie rentals, freely chosen by the consumer in addition to unlimited views of the Service's complete library for free. A discount of 15% also applies to additional rentals by monthly subscribers who want to rent more new releases.

New movies and library are added to the service every week to ensure the region's best selection.

Asia-based Global Platform for the Movie Lovers

While wholly developed in Taiwan, CATCHPLAY On Demand has already attracted recognition in the region. Ms. Daphne Yang, Chief Executive Officer of CATCHPLAY, says, "We understand that there are no geographical borders when establishing an Internet service platform. Furthermore, without the support of a large consumer base, we would not be able to invest the resources that are necessary to create a world-class service. Therefore, for the past 18 months, we have been meeting with major media players in the region's key markets while developing the Service platform. Today we proudly announce our first two partners."

CATCHPLAY On Demand is launching today in Taiwan with guests from StarHub Singapore and Telkom Indonesia in attendance: Mr. Tan Tong Hai, Chief Executive Officer of StarHub; Mr. Joddy Hernady, who heads content business of Telkom Indonesia; and Mr. Jemy Confido, VP in Sales and Marketing of Telkom Indonesia. Mr. Tan Tong Hai says, "StarHub has been looking for a partner that can effectively aggregate blockbuster movies from around the world, including Asia. With the partnership with CATCHPLAY, we will soon be able to deliver the best and latest movies to delight our customers. We are now working with CATCHPLAY to create the best viewing experience that will be seamless across our cable TV, IPTV and OTT platforms." Telkom Indonesia is the leading telecom group in Indonesia with over 150 million subscribers, with its number of IPTV and fiber broadband users growing rapidly at a rate of 2 million per year. Mr. Joddy Hernady says, "Compared to other OTT content providers, we like the CATCHPLAY On Demand content offering and user experience very much. We will officially provide the service in the second quarter of this year to our IPTV, fiber broadband, and mobile subscribers."

Maximizing the Value of Great Content Globally

Since its founding in 2007, CATCHPLAY has acquired an unequalled library of movie titles in Taiwan and has invested in several high-profile film productions. In 2014, CATCHPLAY co-financed Taiwanese period drama Paradise in Service, which opened the 2014 Busan International Film Festival, and 20 Once Again, the official China remake of South Korean blockbuster Miss Granny. In 2015, CATCHPLAY co-financed Hollywood director Martin Scorsese's historical epic Silence, which was the first international high profile film with its cinematography 100% done in Taiwan. CATCHPLAY is also the only Taiwan company to invest in films from the top six Hollywood studios, including The Revenant, Assassin's Creed, and Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell by New Regency.

CATCHPLAY On Demand Features

  • Cinema that Opens 24-7
  • Over 1,000 movies right from the start including new releases and classic films updated weekly.
  • One-Stop Movie Service
  • Want more than just the movie? Get the latest news, behind the scenes, awards won, the real story behind the script, and more movie secretes that you never knew for movie lovers.
  • Discovery Beyond Expectations
  • Personalized information based on the viewer preferences, perform IMDB-like searches by film or by actor, and discover the extended world of great films beyond your expectations.
  • 320 Categories to Pick From
  • In addition to the editor's choice and featured list of movies, Rotten Tomato, IMDB rating, and movie scores, there are 320 unexpected categories to choose from. Preview each movie for five minutes to easily find the one you want to watch.
  • Seamless Viewing Across Screens
  • Digital video service across browsers and devices on the smart phone, tablet, computer, and TV with synchronized tracking to seamlessly jump between different screens and enjoy your movie without interruption!


  • Founded in 2007
  • Distribution rights to 2,200 domestic and international titles
  • Annual distribution: 20-30 theatrically, 100 on DVD and digital platform
  • Largest digital video partner for major telecom providers and cable TV operators
  • Vertical integration of the entire industry chain: Investment, joint-production, theatrical release, DVD release, digital content provider, digital platform development and operation, digital movie channel operation





January: CatchPlay was founded with Mr. Timothy Chen as the Chairman to focus on online gaming peripherals and paid online video.

August: Launched the "NT$39 Online Rental" service.


January: Invested in theatrical and DVD releases in Taiwan.

May: Launched the "DVD Home Cinema" with 800 independent rental stores in Taiwan.

Distributed 12 films theatrically and 16 titles on DVD.


May: Jointly produced Hesher, produced and starred by Academy Award winner Natalie Portman.

June: Introduced online rental service with 7-Eleven's 4,800 stores in Taiwan.

June: Launched the VOD service on Chunghua Telecom's MOD service.

Distributed 45 films theatrically and 100 titles on DVD.


July: Provided SVOD monthly service to CNS Group's bbTV.

August: Distributed film The Expendables.

October: Secured SVOD deal with KBro and secured content licensing deal with FarEastone.

December: Distributed film Three Idiots that went on to be the longest theatrical run and achieved highest box office for Indian films in Taiwan for the last ten years

s   Distributed 122 films theatrically and 160 titles on DVD.


Jan-Feb: Distributed films The King's Speech, The Fighter, and Barney's Version that won 4 awards at the 68th Golden Globe and 6 awards at the 83rd Oscars Academy.

July: Launched online ticketing service with 7-Eleven ibon kiosks to become its largest ticketing window.

September: Provided Internet TV tie-in service for Sony TV.

Distributed 136 films theatrically and 250 titles on DVD.


January: Distributed films The Iron Lady, My Week with Marilyn, Midnight in Paris, W.E. that won 4 awards at the 69th Golden Globe, Best Actress and Best Original Script at the 84th Oscars Academy.

January: Offered preliminary VOD service for Samsung Smart TV.

March: Mr. Harvey Chang, Chairman of CATCHPLAY Group; Ms. Daphne Yang, Executive Director coming onboard.

March: Distributed The Hunger Games grossing NT$150 million and three consecutive weeks at the top of box office in Taiwan.

June: Change of management with Executive Director Daphne Yang overseeing all business and operations of Catchplay as Chief Executive Officer of the Catchplay Group as well.

August: Launched copyright lawsuit against film agent, ending the relationship with film agents to directly deal with studios.

Distributed action blockbuster The Expendables 2.

October: Awarded preliminary injunction in US court to continue to fight for the movie rights for Taiwanese consumers.

Distributed 68 films theatrically and 120 titles on DVD and digital platform.


January: Launched CATCHPLAY HD Movie Channel for Chunghua Telecom's MOD service and Kbro's cable TV, launched MyVideo for Taiwan Mobile and film service for FarEastone as CATCHPLAY to become the major provider for digital content.

February: Distributed films Silver Linings Playbook, The Impossible, Mirror Mirror, Kon-Tiki to win 11 nominations at the Oscars.

July: Distributed first animation film Escape from Planet Earth with Taiwanese singer Jam Hsiao as the voice talent.

October: Awarded rights to 950 films in US court from film agent.

November: Distributed first Hong Kong film Rigor Mortis to gross NT$50 million in Taiwan.

December: CATCHPLAY HD Movie Channel reached half a million subscribers in Taiwan with digital revenue experiencing exponential growth.

Distributed 24 films theatrically and 115 titles on DVD and digital platform.


January: Distributed films The Wolf of Wall Street, August: Osage County, Nebraska to win 13 nominations at the Oscars Academy.

February: The Wolf of Wall Street grossed NT$130 million in Taiwan.

September: Made first investment in Mandarin speaking film Paradise in Service to be selected as the opening film at Busan Film Festival.

Distributed 25 films theatrically and 100 titles on DVD and digital platform.


January: Co-produced 20 Once Again with CJ Entertainment to gross $380 million RMB in China.

January: The first ever Taiwanese company to invest in the movies of the top six Hollywood studios, including 2016-2017 blockbusters such as The Revenant, Assassin's Creed, and Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell from New Regency Productions under the 21st Century Fox parent company.

March: Co-financed and assisted for famed Hollywood director Martin Scorsese to shoot his historical epic Silence in Taiwan, completed in 3.5 months and became the first international film to be shot entirely in Taiwan.

CATCHPLAY HD Movie Channel subscribers with Chunghua Telecom and Kbro exceeded 800,000.

May: Established subsidiaries AsiaPlay Inc. and AsiaPlay Taiwan to develop and operate and international OTT entertainment content service across Asia.

October: Signed with major Hollywood studios NBC Universal, Warner Brothers, Disney to provide their content for the digital platform in Taiwan and upcoming Asian markets.

November: Signed multi-year deal with FarEastone to include CATCHPLAY's content from Hollywood and Asian studios for the 200,000 subscribers of FET's VOD service.

Distributed 20 films theatrically, including Our Little Sister, Woman in Gold, Burnt, Secret in Their Eyes and 120 titles on DVD and digital platform.


Jan-Feb: Distributed the Catchplay invested film The Revenant to gross NT$120 million in Taiwan, US$450 million worldwide, 3 Golden Globe Awards, 12 nominations and 3 awards at the Oscars Academy.

March: CATCHPLAY On Demand officially launched in Taiwan, simultaneously announced partnerships with StarHub for Singapore and Telkom Indonesia to launch CATCHPLAY On Demand within the second quarter in Singapore and Indonesia.

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