Uniview Released South Korean Market Strategy

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SEOUL, South Korea, Sept. 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Yesterday, Uniview held a conference in Seoul, South Korea, and released the market strategies for South Korea which focuses on the win-win mode between Uniview and partners. Uniview also launched the unique self innovated encoding technology Ultra 265 on site.

"South Korea plays an extremely important role in global CCTV industry. It is also one of the most important strategic markets for Uniview." Ximen Yan, Vice President of Uniview, attended the conference and shared his opinion, "In order to get a progressive increase in the South Korean market, Uniview will not only insist on high quality and innovation, but also reap the benefit with partners by cooperation. Cooperation means open, customized and win-win. Open means every different business model can be tried. Customization means that we put our partners' benefit in the first place. Win-win means that we will be devoted to build and protect a positive market structure and rule. We would like to be a solid and reliable cornerstone in order to better support our partners' business."

UNV Ultra 265 was released to South Korea market at the conference by Joyce Zhou, the Chief Engineer of Uniview. She introduced how Ultra 265 can help reduce up to 95% bandwidth compared with common encoding algorithm with no compromise on the details. Combined H.265 and U-Code deep compression technology, Ultra 265 brings users more benefit than ever by saving up to 75% cost.

Uniview has operated in the South Korean market for more than two years, gained a good foundation for consistent development. Uniview has successfully provided video surveillance solutions in city surveillance, hospitals, office buildings and apartments in South Korea. Taking Gangnam District as example, Uniview provided IP cameras for city surveillance. The project used UNV 4MP bullet camera which features with wide angle of view. Four bullet cameras are installed in each intersection to cover four different directions, and a PTZ dome camera to check details when event happens. The dense distributed cameras divided the city into grid, and monitoring every corner with no dead zone.

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Uniview is the leading supplier of video surveillance products and solutions. With more than 12 years experience in IP video surveillance, Uniview now is the 7th largest manufacturer worldwide (IHS Markit).

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