"Segway Day" Wrapped Up on August 12

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2016-08-18 08:30 1486

BEIJING, Aug. 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Launched by Segway & Ninebot, a world-class brand in innovative short-distance transport, the much-anticipated "Segway Day", which has become the most far-reaching brand campaign in the self-balancing vehicles and tech industries, was held on August 12. The campaign aimed to showcase intelligent, green and convenient products to promote environmentally-friendly short-distance travel and promote the concept of "creating infinite possibilities for human lifestyles".

Segway Day this year included the opening of the Segway Flagship Store, Segway Park, online and
offline promotions and a gathering of users across China.

Opening of Segway Flagship Store
Opening of Segway Flagship Store

Segway investor Yu Quan, representatives of sales agents and users, and Segway's CEO Gao Lufeng participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

A large number of people visited, experienced and made purchases at the store, saying that they were keen not to miss out on the company's biggest annual promotion.

Segway Park

A large carnival atmosphere was created during the event held at The Place, drawing many young visitors to experience Segway products. High-tech and fashionable self-balanced vehicles enable everyone to enjoy the freedom of driving.

Expert users demonstrated their skills during various cool performances on the single-wheeled vehicles, causing many passers-by to stop and watch. The crowds were amazed by the performances and showed great enthusiasm in learning how to ride.

Online and Offline Promotions

Segway launched its biggest online and offline promotion on August 12 by cutting prices, holding presales for new products and offering chances to win a free Segway, attracting a large number of customers to visit, experience and purchase items at the store. Its online promotion also drew widespread attention.

A Gathering of Segway Users from Across China
A Gathering of Segway Users from Across China

A total of 50 users from across China gathered in Beijing to exchange riding skills and attend the opening ceremony of the Segway Flagship Store and Segway Park. The team of single-wheeled vehicles led many passers-by to stop and watch.

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