A Fruitful Year for VEOCEL(TM) as the Brand Continues to Lead Innovation and Thought Leadership in the Nonwovens Industry

2019-12-18 13:00 931

LENZING, Austria, Dec. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- 2019 has been a pivotal year for Lenzing as the company continued to invest in eco-innovations, establish new business relationships and partnerships, and sew important seeds for the future of the VEOCEL™ brand. With consumer eco-consciousness steadily rising, there is an increase in demand for more sustainable nonwoven products. Lenzing has taken bigger strides in proving solutions for stakeholders to safeguard the environment.

A highlight for this year was the launch of the new VEOCEL™ co-branding certification criteria. This is a new approach in the nonwovens industry to establish the company's fiber brand as a label of trust and help consumers identify sustainable products. VEOCEL™ also introduced Eco Care technology which features an eco-responsible production process for VEOCEL™ branded specialty viscose fibers. The amount of CO2 emissions and fossil resources used in the production process is approximately half of the industry average, making the viscose fibers more environmentally friendly than generic ones. VEOCEL™ branded fibers have now also been tested and recognized as fully biodegradable in freshwater, seawater, soil and compost by Organic Waste Systems (OWS), a leading laboratory for biodegradability and compostability testing.

Across the world, the sustainable direction of the VEOCEL™ brand is also supported by various government regulations and policies, such as the launch of the EU Single-Use Plastics Directive. This directive will take important steps in bringing Europe closer to reducing plastic use and developing more eco-conscious product solutions.

Leveraging the recent launch of the #ItsInOurHands eco-campaign, the VEOCEL™ brand team hopes to further increase consumer awareness of responsible purchasing decisions. The initiative will guide consumers in enjoying convenience with a clear conscience by opting for sustainable materials and biodegradable solutions.

Looking beyond fiber, the VEOCEL™ team looks forward to exploring new opportunities with brand partners in 2020 to jointly bring the nonwovens industry to new heights. 

Here is an overview of the latest VEOCEL brand stories:

"Pull Factor Project" empowers brands to help consumers live more sustainably

The VEOCEL™ brand team joined various industry leaders to develop the "Pull Factor Project", which was launched at the Sustainable Brands conference in June. The project aims to help marketers make sustainable living more desirable to the general public by creating an actionable toolkit guiding communications that drive business growth while shaping a culture of sustainable living.

Marching towards a sustainable future with all-new Eco Care technology

Lenzing is proud to introduce Eco Care technology, which optimizes the production of eco-friendly viscose fibers. The VEOCEL™ Specialty Viscose fibers produced with Eco Care technology are certified with the EU Ecolabel. Compared to generic viscose, its manufacturing process emits up to 50% fewer air pollutants and uses up to 50% less water. This new fiber is ideal for nonwoven applications, such as wet and dry wipes, sanitary pads and diapers.

#ItsInOurHands: New eco-initiative for biodegradable wipes

The VEOCEL™ brand recently launched an eco-initiative - #ItsInOurHands, which encourages consumers to enjoy daily natural convenience by opting for biodegradable wet wipe solutions. This campaign paves the way for dialogue, providing more information on current issues, presenting biodegradable solutions and offering tips and information from sustainability experts and eco-supporters.

VEOCEL™ contributes to performance of 100% biodegradable wipes with Eco Lace technology

Continuous innovation in the nonwoven industry is crucial for meeting the rising demand for sustainable products, as it enhances the supply chain and helps drive circular economy. With this in mind, Lenzing launched the Eco Lace technology, a new technology that allows fabric to adjust its strength from semi-durable to highly-durable for wipes without the need for synthetics or binders and ensures better-lasting structures after wetting.

Reinforcing VEOCEL™'s biodegradability commitment -- Achieving recognition from Organic Waste Systems (OWS)

VEOCEL™ branded fibers have been recognized as biodegradable in fresh and marine water by Organic Waste Systems (OWS), a research laboratory in biodegradability and compostability testing. This confirms the biodegradability of VEOCEL™ branded fibers when exposed to standardized environmental conditions and temperatures in the laboratory in accordance with international standards. It also strengthens Lenzing's position as a global supplier of sustainable cellulose fibers.

Lenzing's eco-solutions for business discussed at the Plastic Free World Conference

Lenzing once again participated in the Plastic Free World Conference in June. During the conference, Jürgen Eizinger, Lenzing's Vice President of Global Business Management Nonwovens, spoke on how VEOCEL™ brand initiatives can help businesses better protect the environment -- and how the VEOCEL™ brand shall become a label of trust for conscious consumers. 

Source: VEOCEL