Absen Steals the Show at Beijing InfoComm 2019 with Mini-LED Lineup

SHENZHEN, China, July 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Beijing InfoComm China 2019 took place from July 17 to 19 in Beijing, China. At one of Asia Pacific's foremost Pro-AV platforms, the award-winning LED brand, Absen, stole the show with a cutting-edge Mini-LED lineup.

Absen Mini-LED
Absen Mini-LED

The lineup on display consisted of a newly-unveiled product for fixed indoor application, Acclaim A27 Pro, two 4K screens of the world's first Mini-LED for rental & staging display, Aries series (AX1.5), and a 2k LED video wall for control room environment, CR0.9.  

During the show Absen won the "Best of Show" Awards for the Mini-LED product CR0.9. Organized by InfoAV China, the official media partner of InfoComm China, the "Best of Show" awards recognize the most outstanding products and solutions and breakthrough technologies displayed.

Also on show was the updated all-in-one meeting room solution, Absenicon 2.0. Designed to empower presenters and captivate audiences, Absenicon series is perfect for conference rooms, event spaces and lecture theatres etc.

Aiming to build a BETTER FINE PIXEL GENERATION, Absen had worked with upstream suppliers and developed a series of Mini-LED products for various applications of rental, data visualization and commercial displays etc. The company has obtained 16 Mini-LED patents among which there are 5 invention patents.

Packed with the latest in Integrated Matrix Device (IMD) 4-in-1 SMD package and Common Cathode (CC) technologies, Absen's Mini-LED products are able to provide over 2.5 times the strength of traditional LED screens while consuming less power.

At ISE 2019 Absen launched the world's first Mini-LED rental display, Aries series (AX1.5), which received immediate high acclaim for its solid reliability, stunning visual performance and superb flatness and has been genuinely mass-produced.

"The narrowing of LED gap means smaller welding area and higher requirements for welding crafts", says Absen marketing manager of rental display, Lion Li. "Nevertheless, with IMD 4-in-1 pixel integration technology, repair becomes much easier due to the expanded operation area and improved PCB pad. It makes repairing an Absen Aries 1.5mm LED almost as easy as repairing a conventional PP2.5mm product".

The three Absen Mini-LED displays also boast the Common Cathode technology. The technology independently supplies power to the RGB chip through high-precision voltage control, ensuring that each panel emits 20% less heat without compromising on brightness and color uniformity, which prolongs the product's service life.

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