Active Shooter Training Included in New Life Safety Learning Solutions from SAI Global

Powerful and engaging Ethics & Compliance learning content embeds a risk-aware culture preparing employees to react to warning signs of extreme workplace violence
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CHICAGO, March 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- SAI Global, a recognized leader of Integrated Risk Management solutions, today announced a full suite of Life Safety learning solutions with content on preventing, preparing for and reacting to extreme violence in the workplace. Developed with the Company's EthicsAnywhere™ learner-centric methodology for helping organizations change behavior around key risk areas, the suite offers a variety of instructional approaches for all types of learners spanning across all industries, regions and scenarios.

Workplace violence is an increasing concern -- costing companies an estimated US$121 billion annually -- and in recent years, the severity and frequency has escalated requiring employees to react quickly to terrorist activity and mass shooting events. According to the U.S. Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), workplace active shooter incidents are now the third leading cause of fatal occupational injuries in the U.S., making the human and psychological impact a sobering reality.

Extreme violence situations are unpredictable and evolve quickly. In the last decade, active shooter events now happen within 5 minutes or less and result in more fatalities; 40 percent of shootings end in suicide at the scene or shortly thereafter rather than arrests, suggesting the objective is to inflict mass harm. Nearly 70 percent of situations end before law enforcement arrive. No matter the industry or setting, employees need to be prepared to spot warning signs of problematic behavior and react appropriately in the event of violence.


Supporting the right behaviors through a modern and simulation-based approach to organizational learning, companies can safeguard their employees, whose instinctive reaction to workplace violence may not always the best approach, and protect business continuity. The new training offered by SAI Global includes an interactive multi-risk simulation with instruction on how to respond in a situation of extreme violence. Other key features of SAI Global's Life Safety solution includes:

  • Short focused experiences through full e-learning course offerings with powerful and engaging visuals that are also respectful of the sensitive topic area
  • Varied instructional approaches for all types of learners including video, posters, a face-to-face facilitation guide and delayed assessment
  • Configurable complimentary products to meet client's needs
  • User-friendly and intuitive technology experiences offering a risk simulation "Surviving an Active Threat"
  • Powerful and flexible advanced data analytics and reporting with capabilities that allow employers to measure participation on an individual and organizational level
  • Topics including mental health, bullying, domestic violence, active threats

"Fire drills are performed in companies around the world. As if on autopilot, the alarm goes off, you and your employees look at each other and contemplate if this is a drill and if you have to participate, you eventually walk to the parking lot until it's clear to return. But what happens when the drill is no longer a drill, and your employees need to react much quicker and with precision in the event of extreme violence?" said Rebecca Turco, VP Learning at SAI Global. "Unfortunately, most organizations are not keeping up with the increasingly frequency of such events training their employees on strategies and tactics to defend themselves. Our Life Safety solutions use of a modern, innovative approach that addresses how people learn in order to embed a risk-aware business-resilient culture at every level of the organization."

As the largest provider of ethics and compliance learning content, SAI Global offers over 600 learning experiences covering 20+ risk topics including GDPR, Gamified Information Security learning experiences, and an AB 1825 compliant suite of sexual harassment training and communications bundles. EthicsAnywhere is a foundational element of the SAI360 integrated risk and compliance solution launched by SAI Global in September 2018. A 'next generation' suite of solutions, SAI360 that enables organizations to manage and access operational and strategic compliance obligations as part of a robust risk management program.

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