Acuva Technologies partners with Kooler Industries to bring UV-LED water purification to the Philippines

Acuva Technologies
2019-03-20 15:00 1606

MANILA, Philippines, March 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Acuva Technologies today announced that it has partnered with Kooler Industries, the Philippines' largest manufacturer of drinking fountains and water dispensers, to bring Acuva UV-LED water purification technology to the Philippine market.  

Acuva Technologies, based in British Columbia, Canada, is the world leader in the design, manufacture and integration of advanced UV-LED water purification technology solutions. Acuva's proprietary technology, developed in partnership with the University of British Columbia, purifies drinking water with disinfection rates of 99% or higher to ensure health and safety. Acuva's Strike platform of customizable modules is optimized for integration into original equipment manufacturer (OEM) devices, such as those in Kooler Industries' product lines.

Manoj Singh, President and CEO of Acuva Technologies, stated: "At Acuva, we believe everyone should have access to safe drinking water, which is why we are proud of our partnership with Kooler Industries to bring UV-LED water purification to the Philippines. This first step saves 6 billion single-use water bottles from garbage dumps and landfills, making a significant difference in the war against plastic waste in the Philippines."

"Kooler Industries values innovation and environmental sustainability, which is further affirmed through the partnership with Acuva Technologies," stated Patrick Cua, General Manager of Kooler Industries. "We look forward to working together to bring revolutionary water disinfection to the Philippine people through the adoption and integration of Acuva's UV-LED technology in Kooler's product lines."

"Canada and the Philippines are partners on the international stage, often working together to find solutions to global issues," stated John Holmes, Ambassador of Canada to the Philippines. "The collaboration between Acuva Technologies and Kooler Industries is yet another example of the immense opportunity that arises when Canadian and Philippine companies work together to foster innovation and growth."

About Acuva Technologies
Acuva, a world leader in UVC-LED water disinfection technology, developed its UV-LED water purification systems to enable clean drinking water globally. Acuva's Strike platform of customizable UV-LED modules is designed for ease of OEM integration into consumer and commercial water dispensing appliances. Advanced applications also include integration into lab water equipment. Acuva's technology provides a sustainable solution for OEMs phasing out conventional UV lamp systems to comply with the Minamata Convention, a United Nations Environmental Program with a mandate to encourage phasing out mercury by 2020. Learn more at

About Kooler Industries
Kooler Industries is the Philippines' largest manufacturer and distributor of drinking fountains, and has been setting the standard since 1972. A trusted supplier and service provider for heating, refrigeration, and hygienic products, Kooler is committed to product standards, customer satisfaction, and protecting the environment. Kooler Industries is No. 1 in leasing drinking fountains in the Philippines, with units located in factories, schools, shopping malls, restaurants, fast food outlets, resorts and country clubs. All water dispensers are proudly Philippine-made and are engineered for local conditions. Learn more at

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