AI-firm Laiye Partners with RAMSSOL to Build Southeast Asia's Future-Ready Workforce

2021-10-13 06:16 1252

SINGAPORE, Oct. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Laiye, a leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) firm, today announced a partnership with RAMSSOL Group Berhad (RAMSSOL) through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Rams Solution Sdn Bhd, to be its first authorised training partner for intelligent automation technology across Southeast Asia. The training program will be launched in Malaysia first, followed by the rest of the region.

Gary Saw, General Manager, Southeast Asia, Laiye, said, "RPA tools are attracting companies looking for ways to automate workflows during COVID-19. We are committed to helping job-seekers and those pivoting to new careers stay relevant in an increasingly digital and remote workforce. We believe that digital workforce and intelligent automation will reach all walks of life as long as more human workers can be up-skilled with knowledge in RPA and AI."

The Industrial Revolution 4.0, coupled with COVID-19, has powered new shifts in the future of work. With RPA roll-out, labour-intensive and repetitive tasks can be performed more efficiently and at a lower cost. The World Economic Forum's Future of Jobs Report forecasts 50% of all employees will need reskilling by 2025. The skills in demand would be Data Analysts, Scientists, and specialists in the Internet of Things (IoT), Digital Transformation, and Cybersecurity.

"Malaysian companies need to move swiftly in preparing employees for an AI-centred future and embrace new technologies. This will require companies to plug the skills gap through a proper upskilling strategy urgently. Digitisation will help Malaysia create globally competitive partnerships for local companies, improve the potential for global expansion and underpin a successful technology and knowledge transfer," said Cllement Tan, Group MD and CEO, RAMSSOL, a Human Capital Management solutions provider.

Preparing for the future of work, through reskilling and digital transformation, can lend its own benefits. IDC reported some 68% of upskilled workers drew higher salaries and 57% of upskilled workers were promoted at their firm, after retraining to be more relevant and adaptable at work. Meeting new and evolving workplace demands, brought about by RPA, also created 50% of new labour and a 50% uptick of skill-elevated workers.

Laiye has a global team across Latin America, Europe, and APAC, working with enterprise customers in the insurance, communications, electric power, finance, retail, healthcare industries to build end-to-end automation solutions.

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