AISL Harrow Scholarships 2024/26 Opens for Applications

The AISL Harrow Scholarships Foundation invites academically gifted students from around the world to apply for the AISL Harrow Scholarships 2024/26 which offers a unique opportunity to study A Level at one of the AISL Harrow Schools.

HONG KONG, Oct. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- A charitable initiative of the AISL Harrow Scholarships Foundation to drive educational advancement, the AISL Harrow Scholarships 2024/26 is accepting applications from 20 October to 8 December 2023. Heading into its fourth year, the AISL Harrow Scholarships programme is a prestigious opportunity for outstanding students around the globe to study A Level (pre-university education) at one of the participating AISL Harrow Schools.

AISL Harrow Scholarships 2024/26 Opens for Applications
AISL Harrow Scholarships 2024/26 Opens for Applications

Create a positive impact on our communities through education

The establishment of the AISL Harrow Scholarships Foundation is a key component of AISL's broader suite of Corporate Social Responsibility strategies to foster the development of talented individuals who possess the potential to shape a brighter future for our world. It seeks to expand and diversify the Harrow community by attracting academically gifted students from around the world, who demonstrate Harrow's Core Values, to study in the AISL family of schools.

Successful applicants will receive full tuition, boarding and examination fee scholarships that offer them access to a Harrow-branded education known for its 'Educational Excellence for Life and Leadership'. Since its inception in 2021, the Scholarships programme has been awarded to 16 scholars from over 1,300 applicants and continues to nurture and foster visionaries and talents for tomorrow.

Exceptional feats of our inaugural scholars

The first cohort of five scholars graduated this summer with a total of 18 A* and A grades in their A Level examinations, leading them to university offers from some of the most prestigious names, including the University of Cambridge, Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania and more.

'Being an AISL Harrow Scholar gave me a sense of responsibility to always maintain my personal and academic standards, and always look out for the community.'
Matthew C., Harrow International School Hong Kong, admitted to Harvard University

'The University of Pennsylvania has always been my dream school and the AISL Harrow Scholarships programme has really helped me achieve this dream.'
-    Tiffany C., Harrow International School Hong Kong, admitted to The University of Pennsylvania

'My school gave me a new sense of confidence and encouraged me to take on new challenges and get out of my comfort zone.'
-    Yi Sum Y., Harrow International School Shanghai, admitted to The University of Cambridge

'It is heartening to see the remarkable growth exhibited by our first cohort of scholars during their two years of studies with AISL Harrow Schools. These unparalleled achievements are a testament to the programme's success in supporting scholars to advance their studies and secure coveted placements in top-tier universities,' commented Dr Rosanna Wong, Chairman of Asia International School Limited.

Ten school locations with 20 scholarships opportunities across Asia

Ten schools within the AISL Harrow Family of Schools are taking part in the AISL Harrow Scholarships 2024/26. They include AISL Harrow Schools in Bangkok, Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen Qianhai and Haikou, and four additional schools joining for the first year: Appi Japan, Hengqin, Chongqing and Nanning. Each participating school will grant scholarships to up to two scholars, offering a total of 20 scholarships opportunities for this year.

The Foundation welcomes applications from outstanding young minds who show passion, genuine commitment to continuous improvement and willingness to take on challenges. Dr Rosanna Wong said, 'While top-tier academic performance is a fundamental requirement for application, we also prioritise leadership potential, commitment to co-curricular school life, and commitment to service. We look for demonstration of Harrow Core Values – courage, honour, humility and fellowship – in the most illustrious ways in the applicants.'

Application timeline

Applicants can submit their expression of interest forms from 20 October to 8 December 2023. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to an A Level assessment test between 8 and 30 January 2024. Online interviews with AISL's educators are scheduled from 5 to 29 February 2024 and the final results will be announced on 8 April 2024.

Further details and online application forms are available at the official website Interested parties can follow AISL Harrow's social media channels for the latest updates.

About Asia International School Limited (AISL) Group

Asia International School Limited (AISL) Group is a leading provider of education services in Asia. The AISL Harrow family of schools comprises Harrow International Schools, Harrow LiDe Schools, Harrow Hong Kong Children School and Harrow Little Lions Early Years Centres, which proudly draw on the 450-year heritage of Harrow School in the UK, embracing the Harrow Values of Courage, Honour, Humility, and Fellowship. We are committed to the highest standards and quality of education for all students, delivering educational excellence for life and leadership.

Driven by our commitment to educational excellence, AISL Education Group diversifies and enriches the range of offerings by harnessing professional services provided by expert service providers - AISL Academy, AISL Outdoor, and AISL Mall. Resourceful and well-rounded, these curated programmes and platforms empower educators to better nurture their students, young people as they explore outside the classroom, and learners as they unleash their full potential.

All of this is done to lift our next generations from being very good to being outstanding all-rounded individuals possessing strength of character to excel in a rapidly changing world. We invest in them, optimising their lifelong learning interests and leadership potential, preparing them for a high-achieving future to serve the wider community.

About the AISL Harrow Scholarships

Establishing the AISL Harrow Scholarships Programme is another milestone in AISL Harrow's long history of educational excellence. The Programme seeks to enhance the diversity of the AISL Harrow community by attracting academically gifted students worldwide. The scholarships allow students to experience all that a Harrow education affords: excellence in and out of the classroom, the developing of leadership skills, and a commitment to service.

Through the AISL Harrow Scholarships programme, AISL is proud to be giving back to the global community, extending the availability of an excellent AISL Harrow education to students worldwide, allowing them access to a prestigious British education and, subsequently, to top universities.

Alongside the AISL Harrow Scholarships, the individual Harrow-branded schools in Asia also provide scholarship opportunities for gifted students. To learn more, please subscribe to AISL Harrow's official Facebook Page (AISL Education Group - AISL Harrow I Outdoor I Academy), Instagram account (@aislharrowschools) and view the AISL Harrow Schools website at

Source: AISL Education Group