Algorithm Innovation Unleashes 5G network potential

2019-10-23 19:22 740

ZURICH, Oct. 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- At the 2019 Global Mobile Broadband Forum, Edward Deng, President of Huawei's Wireless Solutions, discussed Huawei's cutting edge innovations around software algorithm development.

"Powerful hardware alone does not deliver leading 5G networks," said Mr. Deng. "5G spectral bandwidth and RF channels are significantly increased over 4G, yet scheduling periods have been greatly reduced. This underlines the importance of software algorithms for unleashing 5G network potential and maximizing 5G network performance."

Advanced software algorithms enable legacy networks to continuously improve their value. They are also essential for ensuring basic 5G performance and overcoming the impact of slowing Moore's Law to empower networks with new capabilities. At this year's MBBF event, Mr. Deng unveiled Huawei's wireless software innovation framework, the first time such a framework has been introduced within the industry.

Huawei's wireless network software innovations run through a complete set of procedures, from theoretical innovation to algorithm verification and commercial implementation. Huawei gathered cross-discipline experts and mathematicians from all over the world to determine theoretical upper limits based on the first-principles thinking to guide research and innovation. The verification platform was developed based on Huawei's extensive experience in global deployment and maintenance, to accelerate the verification and optimization of software algorithms. Backed up by Huawei's powerful self-developed chip capabilities, mature and advanced algorithms are converted into hardcore chips in order to leverage these powerful algorithms.

When it comes to 5G, Huawei reshapes or upgrades classical theories based on industry requirements, in order to adapt these software innovations to 5G characteristics.

To maximize network capacity, Massive MIMO expands the limits of Shannon's Law. Huawei's hardcore Massive MIMO algorithms are able to process thousands of channels in a very short period of time, forming the most precise beams while eliminating interference. This creates conditions for maximizing network capacity and ensuring optimal user experience. With Huawei's Massive MIMO algorithms, excellent experiences can still be guaranteed even in high-speed mobility cases.

Owing to superb end-to-end and industry-unique software algorithm innovation systems and processes, Huawei's network performance is far leading in the industry.

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Source: Huawei Technologies