Amazing Bigo Live Will Take its First Time at StreamFest By Storm

Live streaming meets performances at a festival this summer
2021-06-02 15:14 559

MOSCOW, June 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Bigo Live, one of the biggest livestreaming platforms in CIS region, arranges a huge 100-square-meter booth with a performance stage at a flagship streaming event StreamFest which will take place on July 17-18 in Moscow's Innovation Center Skolkovo Technopark.

As one of the sponsors of StreamFest, Bigo Live plans to divide the 100-square meter booth into four zones: Community Zone for communication, Streaming Zone, which will be the main spot for games and singers, Just Dance Zone for most of the performances and classic Photo Zone for making memories. The combination of social, entertainment and performance is likely to present a refreshing experience for viewers and broadcasters alike.

On Streaming Zone, live streaming will meet real-life performances as Bigo Live will invite its ambassadors to enter the stage and showcase their talents in this exhibition. It has organized two competitions in order to select the best broadcasters: one of the competitions is a talent show with a chance to become a performer on both the main festival stage and the local sponsor stage; the second one is a prompter challenge, winners of which will get a chance to attend the StreamFest and root for our team at this event as well as meet the whole streaming world. Moreover, participating broadcasters can have the opportunity to display their profiles on the website of the event, and they can experience the joy of interacting with audiences in real life as well.

Apart from bringing its best broadcasters to the exhibition, Bigo Live will also present the app and let the streaming world discover it in the best way possible. Launched in 2016, Bigo Live is the market leader in the social live streaming industry. The platform has experienced huge growth in the last 5 years with 400 million users in over 150 countries. 

As a rising social media platform, Bigo Live without a doubt offers its users the option to video chat with their friends. They can add up to 9 of their friends through the application's multi-guest rooms. What's more, they also provide other interaction ways for entertainment. For example, they can do the live PKs and send virtual gifts, such as animated dragons to convey their feelings to broadcasters. All the interesting features, along with special souvenirs, will be fully delivered on its stand.

StreamFest will become an amazing opportunity for the Bigo Live community to gather in an offline world and showcase itself. Don't miss this flagship event. For more updates, follow Bigo Live on Facebook, Instagram and download the Bigo Live app or come to play with us on July 17-18, 2021 in Skolkovo Technopark in Moscow.

Source: Bigo Live