Ambright Launches the Second Undergraduate Virtual University Fair to Reduce the Negative Impact of the Pandemic on Global Education

2020-11-23 10:05 558

More than 20 well-known professors, university executives and admission officials bring over 20 exciting webinars
Two weeks' webinars are highly efficient for students to navigate their futures
Serving thousands of worldwide applicants and educators in an environmentally friendly way

SHANGHAI, Nov. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- To analyze the dynamic situations of overseas education in the post epidemic era, Ambright announced the launch of the Second Undergraduate Virtual University Fair on, further providing the most authoritative admission policies on global top universities for thousands of prospective undergraduate applicants and educators around the world.

The Second Undergraduate Virtual University Fair is set to run from November 16th to 27th on, which will showcase nearly 20 prestigious universities worldwide, including several top universities that participate in the non-profit China Excellence Identification Scheme (CEIS). More than 20 well-known professors, school senior executives and admission officials will bring more than 20 exciting webinars, which will be on weekdays at 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. GMT.

Students and teachers from China and around the globe will have the chance to hear directly from CEIS-participating universities such as University of Cambridge, University of Edinburgh, Durham University, Cardiff University, University of Warwick, etc., all of which accept applications via CEIS and the Aptitude Scholastic Test (AST).

Liu Yazhuo, the executive deputy director of CEIS/AST, stated: "We look forward to helping ensure that prospective applicants will know more about the strengths of each CEIS-participating university, as well as other leading higher educational institutions that are known worldwide."

Outstanding universities that will be showcased alongside CEIS member universities include top London institutions such as King's College London, London School of Economics and Political Science and University College London, as well as several of the most well-known universities in Ireland and CanadaTrinity College Dublin, University College Dublin and McGill University.

Virtual University Fair is a non-profit educational program, supported by Shanghai-headquartered Ambright Institute of Educational and Scientific Research and CEIS.

Sean Wuhua Zhang, Dean of Ambright Institute of Educational and Scientific Research, noted: "Our non-profit Virtual University Fair on has gained immense popularity among students."

He introduced that the past two Virtual University Fairs have engaged more than 130 well-known scholars, senior executives, admission officers from over 70 top universities, conducted over 100 webinars and attracted more than 200,000 students, parents and educators. Fortunately, at the Postgraduate Virtual University Fair in September, over 10,000 attendees participated in one single session, with more than 30 universities attending from the word's top 100.

Mr. Zhang said, "This November, everything students need to know about the top universities will be distilled into two weeks' webinars, which is a very convenient way for providing information for students with tight schedules and helping with their difficult decision making about their futures."

It indicated the effectiveness of Ambright in widening access to key information and academic guidance, which undoubtably is in an environmentally friendly way.

Source: Ambright