Anti- Ageing and Reproductive Medical Giants to Gather in Hong Kong, Dragon's Medical Leads Chinese Medical Development

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Hong Kong, June 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Dragon's Medical will hold its Advance Medical Technology Press Conference 2023 at W Hong Kong on Jun 9, 2023, signing strategic partnership agreements with various medical groups from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, deepening their long-term strategic partnership. At the event, Dragon's Medical announces the launch of their new brand, introduces their unique brand philosophy and demonstrates some practical showcases. 

On the same day, Dragon's Medical also holds two evidence-based one-on-one consultation sessions in the afternoon,  including the "One-on-One Consultation on Anti-Ageing Regenerative Medicine" led by anti-ageing expert Professor Chung Yi-Cheng (鍾易成) and the "One-on-One Consultation on Precision Reproductive Medicine" hosted by Medical Doctor Wong Rui-sheng (王瑞生), Vice President of Taipei Fertility Center (TFC).

One-stop Medical Service Platform

Brings Together Global Medical Talents and Technologies

In this leading medical technology press conference, Dragon's Medical has invited pioneers across all medical fields to share the latest cutting-edge medical technologies, which include the following:

1.  Medical Doctor Wong Rui-sheng , the Vice President of Taipei Fertility Center, will share in person the topic "How to leverage precision medicine to increase the rate of fertilisation", sharing with patients how to effectively achieve the successful pregnancy.

2.  The Aurora Fashion Clinic will perform a youth-revitalising miracle with their facial fascia resetting anti-ageing technology. They also will touch on the amazing applications of cells and extracellular vesicles, unleashing new possibilities in medicine.

3.  Widely known as the "Father of Bone Densitometry" in Taiwan, Professor Qian Ben-wen (錢本文) will showcase state-of-the-art technology in natural and regenerative medicine. Attendees are sure to be mesmerised by his speeches and demonstrations while gaining a more in-depth understanding of the power of top Chinese medical technologies.

"We are proud to introduce our latest anti-ageing regenerative medicine and precision reproductive medical technology to the media and the public. Dragon's Medical will continue to source globally for more advanced and new medical technologies, and provide high-quality one-stop medical services and experiences for Chinese people in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia and other countries around the world.

Whether it is in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, or Singapore, almost all Chinese are facing the challenges of a declining birth rate and an ageing population. With Mainland China's birth rate hitting its lowest in 2021 and the increasing average life expectancy, it is possible for Mainland China to face a labour shortage and economic slowdown in the near future.

In view of this, Dragon's Medical launches two key services, precision reproductive medicine and anti-ageing reactivation medicine, to alleviate the plight of the low birth rate and ageing population faced by Chinese people worldwide. Dragon's Medical wishes not only to provide high-quality one-stop medical services to Chinese around the world, but also to promote top-notch Chinese medical technology to the world," says Patricia Lo, the CEO of Dragon's Medical.

TFC's Professional Team Further Expands into

Greater China's Reproductive Medical Market

Dragon's Medical has kickstarted an in-depth partnership with Taipei Fertility Center. 

TFC nets reproductive medicine specialists who are chief-level doctors and industry experts with an average of over 20 years of experience. Together, they create Taiwan's only fertility clinic that has been awarded the Symbol of National Quality (SNQ) to offer high-quality and patient-oriented fertility services.

Located in the centre of Xinyi District in Taipei, TFC is equipped with a high-standard laboratory setup, 24-hours duo power backup, and an app-based registration system that prioritises patient privacy. Being an internationally renowned fertility centre, TFC has created an easier and smoother journey to parenthood for many couples, marking a milestone in Taiwan's reproductive medicine field.

Medical Doctor Wong Rui-sheng, Vice President at TFC says, "With the advancement and popularisation of IVF babies technology, infertility can now be cured. Women's Fertility and pregnancy are no longer limited by age. We hope that the partnership between TFC and Dragon's Medical can connect global Chinese. With the strongest team, we wish to help people to realise their dream of having babies, and let the legacy of life to live on."

Aurora Fashion Clinic - A New Force in Anti-ageing Regenerative Medicine

Dragon's Medical collaborates with Aurora Fashion Clinic Group, fostering the development of anti-ageing regenerative medicine. Led by Professor Chung Yi-Cheng , also known as "Asia Chest King", the outstanding team integrates technologies from the University of Cambridge and Japanese research institutions, serving over 10,000 clients from China, Southeast Asia, and Singapore with 30+ years of experience. Their services include Aurora's signature anti-ageing program, their latest sleeve gastrectomy medical weight loss program, and anti-ageing regenerative medical program, helping clients achieve a rejuvenating effect and boost confidence and beauty.

As a leader in anti-ageing and stem cell research, Professor Chung Yi-Cheng says, "We hope every client can receive personalised, safe and reliable medical aesthetics solutions through Dragon's Medical, allowing them to regain their youth and let their unique beauty shine."

Dragon's Medical will continue to strive for innovation and development, providing the latest and most advanced medical technology and services for the general public, further solidifying its leading role in the Chinese medical world. 

Offering One-stop Services with Leo International Group

Dragon's Medical partners with Leo International, a high-end entertainment service provider, to offer one-stop services. The duo plans to push out the private charter and yacht medical travel packages for high-net-worth clients, creating more customised and unique experiences and travel journeys for them. 

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About Dragon's Medical:

Dragon's Medical is a one-stop advanced medical service platform serving Chinese clients. In partnership with top medical teams from Mainland China, the US, and Taiwan, including Taipei Fertility Center (TFC), and Aurora Fashion Clinic Group, led by Professor Chung Yi-Cheng, the partnership provides comprehensive and all-round services such as pre-pregnancy conditioning, medical green channels, customised accommodation and travel services, and exclusive medical escort services. 

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