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Aplic platform Inc.
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VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Dec. 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ --, a global degree enrollment, and student employment marketplace, announces the launch of a second phase of the platform which allows students from all over the world search and apply to universities and colleges in 30+ countries and major scholarships.

Aplic platform Inc.
Aplic platform Inc., founded in May 2018, currently has users from 23 countries of the world, where students from Canada and the USA are in TOP-3 source countries as more and more Canadian and American students looking for study abroad experience. is a new milestone in access to global education. Student-centric and technology-driven is a global student ecosystem connecting students with schools, scholarships and service providers on their way to study abroad.

There are already 35000+ post-secondary programs available on the platform to apply with one single application.

"We are transforming the way students find post-secondary programs around the globe, apply for admission and present themselves to admissions offices at schools. We aim to transform the application process for students by making it more personalized so the school will be able to see a person behind academic transcripts if they want to." - says Inna Bogdanova, Founder and CEO of

By using the platform, the admissions office at education institutions will be able to seek out students whose academic record and interests line up with their goals and target student profile.

The platform goes beyond legacy student recruitment services such as test score-based contact lists, however. This functionality can save admissions office hours of finding students whose qualities and skillsets don't necessarily fit the numbers, which in turn helps to bolster the diversity of an institution's student body.

Since its alpha launch in May 2019 has managed to sign up over 700+ education institutions and service providers to its platform to help students across the world get better access to global education opportunities.

The structure of program descriptions on is the same for all schools, has visual content on each page as well as school pages. It makes the comparison of different programs much more simple for students. Admission requirements, the main features of programs and schools are there and clear for perception. Comparing with manual programs search on universities' websites, it's much easier to use because every school organizes websites content in its own unique way. Often it takes time to figure out the logic and grab necessary details.

Completed Student Profile at matches students with programs and schools based on their English language proficiency, academic performance and personal preferences such as sports activities at campus, social clubs.

In addition to personal program matching, similar programs are listed just below one which seems to be nice. So overall, if a student finds one great study program, simultaneously they're finding a batch of programs that are potentially suitable for them.

Major scholarships, covering at least 25% of tuition, are also there on, students using Application Manager can apply for multiple programs and scholarships with couple clicks using the one single Student Profile.

The next phase of will be launching peer-to-peer mentorship for students by successfully admitted to university and college students and graduates with an approach to become the largest global student network.


Aplic platform Inc. is a private company headquartered in Vancouver, BC. with a global approach. is on a global mission to help students from around the world get better access to education opportunities and find the best fit program and schools find the best-fit students. More information can be found at

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