AppGallery Partners Sky TV to Bring Huawei Users the Best TV Channels and Blockbusters On-Demand

Huawei users in Germany will now have access to over 100 TV channels and movie blockbusters wherever they are through the Sky Go app
2020-08-18 20:23 1585

SHENZHEN, China, Aug. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Sky TV customers in Germany who are also Huawei device users, rejoice! AppGallery has announced its partnership with Sky TV in Germany to offer Huawei users access to their favourite TV channels and films anywhere and everywhere they are at no additional cost.

Sky Go – allowing AppGallery users to enjoy their favourite shows from any location

With the Sky Go app, downloadable via AppGallery, Sky TV customers are no longer anchored to the Sky Q Receiver, allowing them to continue watching their program or film on other devices and switch seamlessly between the two. Shows started on a different tablet or smartphone through Sky Go can simply be continued, picking up from where the previous user finished.

Movie lovers will benefit from recommendations from the Sky Go app. It gets to know what users like then offer them suggestions, so users will find more movies that they will enjoy.

For locations without an internet connection, customers can download content directly onto their Huawei devices through the Sky Go app – perfect for catching up on shows they want on long journeys or trips away.

To further enhance the experience, Sky TV customers can register up to five streaming devices as well as the receiver for no additional fee, meaning the whole family can enjoy television-streaming services at their leisure.

Sky Q – the integrated television experience

Part of Sky Q, the app allows AppGallery users access to a completely new and integrated television experience. Consisting of linear TV channels, on-demand features, UHD, exclusive access to Netflix content and a variety of other apps, Sky Q customers can now enjoy the broad variety of content wherever they are.

AppGallery – One of the top three app marketplaces globally

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