Are the Economic Winds of Uncertainty Beginning to Blow? Latest Global Research From Universum Reveals Growing Divide Among Gen Z Students

Well-regarded Survey Uncovers the Brands and Employment Attributes Most Desired by Business and Engineering/IT Students Across 12 Largest Global Economies
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NEW YORK, Oct. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Tariffs, trade wars, climate change and more. According to the latest global annual World's Most Attractive Employers (WMAE) research from Universum, the career aspirations of a growing portion of students are being influenced by economic uncertainty. Clearly divided into two segments, the research found 53 percent of Gen Z students are security seekers, followed by 35 percent focused on innovating their way through the disruptive challenges the world is confronting now.


This year, 247,235 business and engineering/IT students located across the 12 largest global economies, participated in the annual research that analyzes those companies, industries and employment attributes in-demand by new grads. The study provides critical insights into this highly desirable talent pool, providing employers with a direct view into expectations and aspirations.

Familiar brands lure Gen Z, with Google taking the top spot for the tenth consecutive year. Google appeals to Gen Z's bifurcation: as an employer, it's dynamic and innovative, as well as large, successful and secure.

Other key findings regarding employers, students and career plans include: 

  • Given the momentum of Amazon, one industry – e-commerce – gained ground with business students.
  • Improved linkage to innovation, creativity and high future earnings have made the auto industry more attractive and competitive.
  • A strong focus on work-life balance has dulled the desire for an international career. Trade tensions have also created a backlash for foreign employers.
  • For business students, their top three job-related communication channels are social media, employers' career websites and online job boards. The response differs slightly from their engineering/IT counterparts, who rely more on career fairs than online job boards.

WMAE 2019 Business Rankings Top Five:

  1. Google (Non-mover)
  2. EY – Ernst & Young (3rd in 2018)
  3. PwC - PricewaterhouseCoopers (6th in 2018)
  4. Deloitte (Non-mover)
  5. Apple (7th in 2018)

WMAE 2019 Engineering/IT Rankings Top Five:

  1. Google (Non-mover)
  2. Microsoft (Non-mover)
  3. Apple (Non-mover)
  4. BMW Group (Non-mover)
  5. IBM (7th in 2018)

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