Ascenda deploys OffersHub, the industry's first meta-aggregation and personalization engine for merchant-funded offers

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SINGAPORE, Nov. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Ascenda, the global leader in financial services loyalty, today announced its ground-breaking new OffersHub engagement solution for banks and digital payment platforms. The solution is a step-change for financial brands seeking to build deeper customer connections and transform their rewards value by tapping into merchant funding.

Ascenda deploys OffersHub, the industry’s first meta-aggregation and personalization engine for merchant-funded offers
Ascenda deploys OffersHub, the industry’s first meta-aggregation and personalization engine for merchant-funded offers

Unique in the market, OffersHub delivers a unified digital experience across numerous offer formats that were previously fragmented. Its proprietary meta-aggregation engine streamlines card-linked offers, coupons, e-commerce affiliate rewards, and discounted gift card purchases into a single content stream. Hyper personalization drives uptake and creates customer delight by combining card spend, demographics, geo-location and click-stream data to predict offer relevancy.

In addition to paying out merchant-funded incentives as conventional cash credits, Ascenda provides brands the innovative option to reinforce the value of their existing points-based loyalty program by displaying and crediting offers directly as rewards currency.

"Our proposition delivers a rich pool of personalised offers with sustainable funding mechanisms - all delivered in a turnkey solution," explained Mark Mullinix, Head of Strategy & Partnerships at Ascenda. "The unique meta-aggregation engine at the heart of OffersHub enables our enterprise clients to tap into deal content across multiple sources, so they can provide the most compelling proposition to their customers and capture the greatest ROI on their marketing investments."

OffersHub is now available and already under integration by multiple Ascenda enterprise clients across regions.

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