ASSIA Optimizes Internet Access for Over 50 Million European Households

ASSIA's AI-Driven Optimization of Wired and Wireless Home Networks Gains Significant Adoption in Europe
2019-05-21 21:44 1506

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., May 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Adaptive Spectrum and Signal Alignment, Inc. (ASSIA®) the market-leading supplier of AI-driven broadband and Wi-Fi optimization software announced they have crossed the 50 million mark of European home internet subscribers who receive a better quality of experience as a result of ASSIA software. European internet service providers using ASSIA software and/or technologies under license include Bouygues Telecom, BT Group Plc (formerly British Telecom), Deutsche Telekom AG, Magyar Telekom, SFR, Sky Telecom Group, Sunrise Communications AG, Swisscom AG, TalkTalk Plc, and Telefonica. Deployments are currently in France, Germany, Hungary, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom with more underway.

ASSIA has been doing business in Europe for most of this decade with its AI-driven DSL-management Expresse® software and technology licenses at the incumbent networks of Deutsche Telekom, BT, Swisscom, Orange Poland, and many Telefonica countries. With ASSIA's release of its home-Wi-Fi CloudCheck® management software, ASSIA's AI-based software has seen further expansion to Wi-Fi in Europe.

Drivers for Growth
Four things are driving this growth for ASSIA.

  • First, ASSIA software takes advantage of the existing copper twisted pair infrastructure prevalent throughout Europe and optimizes its bandwidth. This relieves service providers from upgrading every home to fiber, which can cost 3,000 - 4,000 euros per home on average throughout a country.
  • Second, residential customers often judge their internet-service quality based on their Wi-Fi performance, so service providers are increasingly taking responsibility for managing and optimizing their subscribers' Wi-Fi quality of experience.
  • Third, ASSIA's software is hardware agnostic, so that service providers have the freedom to acquire and deploy the equipment of their choice.
  • Fourth, ASSIA is at the forefront of new industry innovations, technologies, and standards such as 5G, EasyMesh, and research into Terabit DSL, so service providers know ASSIA will be their partner for many years to come.

Customer Testimonials
Tim Hottges, CEO Deutsche Telekom AG, recently posted on LinkedIn a statement extolling the value of working with ASSIA which said in part, "Thanks to [ASSIA] our customers experience a significantly improved quality, increased speeds, and line stability. With ASSIA's software, instabilities within the network are analyzed and the software is optimized almost in real time."

In the recent announcement of TalkTalk's deployment of ASSIA, Phil Haslam, Chief Network Officer at TalkTalk Plc. said, "The ASSIA solution gives us the additional data and visibility we need to understand the various patterns that can affect in-home Wi-Fi performance-and the management and optimization tools to deliver the best experience for our customers."

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About ASSIA®
Adaptive Spectrum and Signal Alignment, Inc. (ASSIA®) develops innovative technologies for service providers that improve internet connectivity worldwide. ASSIA's market-leading AI-driven solutions make internet connections run faster and more reliably by optimizing the performance of whatever infrastructure is in place, including copper, fiber, Wi-Fi 6, and 5G. When internet service providers deploy ASSIA solutions, they grow revenues, increase customer satisfaction, improve operational efficiencies, and deliver new multimedia content to the broadband and Wi-Fi-enabled home. As a result, internet users have a better quality of experience at an affordable cost. ASSIA is a strategic partner and trusted solutions vendor to over 35 service providers worldwide with more that 100 million broadband and Wi-Fi lines under contract in 17 countries, across 5 continents. ASSIA was founded and is led by Dr. John Cioffi, renowned expert in DSL technology and professor emeritus of electrical engineering at Stanford University. The company is a significant contributor to standards bodies such as the Wi-Fi Alliance, Broadband Forum, NICC, ITU, and ETSI. ASSIA holds over 500 patents. The company is backed by strategic investors including AT&T, SFR, Sandalwood, Sofinnova, Stanford, Swisscom, Telefonica, T-Ventures, and ValueGate.

Expresse®, ClearView®, and CloudCheck® are registered trademarks of ASSIA. "ASSIA" is an acronym for "Adaptive Spectrum and Signal Alignment, Incorporated."

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