Australian Businesses Unable to Fill 24% of Shifts Today

2021-12-02 08:54 1503

Casual Workers in High Demand, But Less Engaged than Before COVID-19

SYDNEY, Dec. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Research by Humanforce, a provider of intelligent workforce management solutions, has shown that businesses are unable to fill the shifts they want staffed today, with staff failing to turn up for 1 in 4 shifts.

"As the economy reopens Australian businesses will increasingly need a motivated and engaged workforce to meet customer demands. Companies that were impacted through COVID-19 will have a harder path to financial recovery if they are understaffed and unable get workers to turn up to shifts," said Bruce Mackenzie, Managing Director and Founder, Humanforce. 

Data from 220 Australian employers revealed a downturn (21%) in the number of casual shifts being accepted by workers, along with 8.5% growth in the number of 'no-shows' (accepting a shift but not turning up for work) compared to before the pandemic.

"Demand for casual workers has increased in Australia, with 50% of employees currently being newly hired and in their roles for less than 90 days. That these crucial workers appear disengaged at a time when the international worker pool is restricted is a big concern, and all businesses must try to stay connected with staff to keep them motivated and available for work," said Bruce.

The research also showed that a high proportion of casual workers in Australia are customer facing, with 82% saying they have direct contact with customers and the general public in their job. Additionally, 79% of Australian casual workers indicated their workplace happiness directly impacts on the level of customer service they are able to deliver.

"Casual workers are often at the frontline of customer service and a properly engaged workforce will not only stay with an employer longer, but can positively impact on sales and business loyalty, speeding business growth in the future," added Bruce.

Advanced workplace management solutions can help facilitate engagement with casual workers, through automated communication, onboarding, training and employee rewards programs, as well employee availability, shift management, online rosters and timesheets and leave management.


  • Shift work data referenced originated from comparing the datasets of 220 employers in August 2019 and August 2021.
  • Humanforce contracted Zoho Survey to survey 500 Australian worker respondents on customer contact and service issues.

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Source: Humanforce