Avon Foundation for Women donates $100,000 to Malala Fund to advance education for girls

Avon Products, Inc.
2019-07-25 19:30 6803

As part of stand4her, a global initiative to improve the lives of women worldwide, Avon partners with Malala Fund to create more opportunities for girls to learn and upskill

LONDON, July 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Avon Products, Inc. (NYSE: AVP), today announces that the Avon Foundation for Women is donating $100,000 to Malala Fund - a charity that champions every girl's right to 12 years of free, safe, quality education.  The donation will be channelled directly to advance education for girls in Brazil, Avon's largest market.

Breaking down the barriers holding women and girls back, to create a better world for everyone, is a common goal for Avon and Malala Fund. Avon's global programme, stand4her, aims to improve the lives of 100 million women by creating opportunities to build success on their own terms. The plan includes initiatives such as the Avon Academy, a training platform to enable Representatives to learn beauty and business skills and the Global Scholarship Programme, offering financial support to Avon's beauty entrepreneurs and their families to continue their studies.

Malala Fund was founded by Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani activist for female education and the youngest Nobel Prize laureate, and her father, Ziauddin. Malala Fund works towards a world where every girl can learn and lead, breaking down the barriers that hold girls back. With a focus on the 130 million girls out of school worldwide, Malala Fund invests in local education activists known as Gulmakai Champions, amplifies girls' voices and advocates to hold leaders accountable at local, national and international levels.

The donation from the Avon Foundation for Women will be directed towards one of Malala Fund's Gulmakai Champions who is working to advance girls' education in Brazil by sparking social and systemic change for girls. In Brazil, 1.5 million girls are currently denied an education as a result of racism, exploitation and poverty.

Patricia Eisner, Chief Development Officer of Malala Fund, said:
"Like Avon, Malala Fund aims to break down the barriers keeping girls from achieving their full potential. We share a vision to see a world where all women and girls can learn, and Malala Fund is grateful to the Avon Foundation for Women for investing in our work. Unlike countries with millions of out-of-school girls, Brazil could see every girl in school relatively soon."

Malala Yousafzai, Co-Founder, Malala Fund adds:
"In Brazil, indigenous and Afro-Brazilian girls are disproportionately marginalised and struggle to complete their education. Malala Fund's Gulmakai in Brazil are fighting for their future and we are grateful to the Avon Foundation for Women for investing in their work."

Amy Greene, Chair of the Avon Foundation, said:
"Avon has been supporting women for 130 years, it is part of our DNA. Research shows again and again, that when one woman's life improves, it benefits her family, her community and the wider world we all live in. That is why opening up Avon to partner with organisations like Malala Fund, is so important - it's how we maximise our impact to make the biggest difference. We're so proud to be working with Malala Fund, it's an incredible organisation, and Malala is an inspiration around the world in championing opportunity for women and girls." 


About Malala Fund
Malala Fund is working for a world where all girls can learn and lead. Malala Fund advocates for resources and policy changes needed to give all girls a secondary education, invests in local education leaders and amplifies the voices of girls fighting for change. Learn more at

About Avon Foundation for Women

The Avon Foundation for Women is committed to supporting issues that matter most to women. Since its inception in 1955, the Avon Foundation has promoted or aided charitable, scientific, educational, and humanitarian activities, with a special emphasis on activities that improve the lives of women and their families. Through 2018, Avon Products, Inc. and the Avon Foundation have contributed over $1 billion in over 50 countries. Today, Avon global cause programs focus on breast health awareness and prevention through the Avon Breast Cancer Promise, and to help end gender-based violence through the Avon Promise to Help End Violence Against Women and Girls.

About Avon Products Inc.

For 130 years Avon has stood for women: providing innovative, quality beauty products which are primarily sold to women, through women. Millions of independent sales Representatives across the world sell iconic Avon brands such as Avon Color and ANEW through their social networks, building their own beauty businesses on a full- or part-time basis. Avon supports women's empowerment, entrepreneurship and well-being and has donated over $1billion to women's causes through Avon and the Avon Foundation. Learn more about Avon and its products at #stand4Her

Source: Avon Products, Inc.
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