Banco Safra Announces the Launch of Safrawallet

Banco Safra
2019-06-29 02:40 2380

More than a payment app, the platform promises to be a complete experience to pay and receive amounts without depending on traditional means

SÃO PAULO, June 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Banco Safra has just launched a digital wallet that enables to make purchases from retail merchants using QR Code, NFC, and soon by face recognition, besides transfers and withdrawals using QR Code. The SafraWallet app will be available for download during this weekend at the App Store and Google Play.

To use the service, it is not necessary to be a client of Banco Safra, the registration process is free of charge, simple and quick, and it does not require proof of income. In a model different from traditional means, transfers, withdrawals and payments using SafraWallet will be exempt from bank fees.

Consumers can load the SafraWallet in three ways: transfer of funds from another account, portability of salary, and registration of credit card of any bank. At the time of the purchase, the client may use the balance of the wallet or of any of the registered credit cards, without requiring the plastic card.

In the launch, Banco Safra is giving special bonuses to clients – for example, those who register their cards in the digital wallet will receive bonus per registered card, and those who make salary portability will get bonus of a fixed amount during three months, among other rewards. 

SafraWallet is coming on the market with a series of functionalities and advantages to those who purchase but also to those who sell. "The launch of SafraWallet is a milestone in the history of the bank. It is a new way to pay and receive, available to all Brazilians who want to have a mobile, simple and uncomplicated payment means", informs the Bank.

The solution is also integrated into SafraPay, the bank's acquirer that has experienced a strong growth supported by an innovative machine model with registration by autonomous means, own team, and digital sales. "Banco Safra has an aggressive plan for the growth of the digital wallet. For this purpose, during the second half of this year, we will incorporate a "SuperApp" into SafraWallet in which several products and services will be offered through an open platform, providing a complete experience", explains the Bank.

In an innovation exclusively introduced by Banco Safra, clients who need paper money can make withdrawals in more than 23.000 cash machines and ATMs of the bank using the QR Code. And with SafraWallet in their mobile phones, they can make purchases in thousands of retail merchants and get advantages; pay and issue bank slips; and transfer and receive amounts to and from their contacts.

"We believe that, as it is easy to use, SafraWallet will contribute to increase the flow of clients in retail merchants, a movement that we will also stimulate using geolocation technologies and adding services and benefits to the app."

What's next - The institution is focused on competing head-to-head with big retail banks in a new market, and consolidating its position among the four largest private banks in Brazil in the segment through its digital platform. Safra's strategy is to transfer the low cost of its branch network to clients by offering products and services in more competitive conditions, besides increasing its range of financial and consumer products with an open platform.

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Source: Banco Safra