Beam Mobility Becomes the First Asian Micromobility Company to Launch in Korea

Beam e-scooters are now available in Gangnam-gu and Songpa-gu
2019-08-02 15:49 1013

SINGAPORE, Aug. 2, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Beam Mobility, Asia's Micromobility Company, officially launched its e-scooter sharing services in Seoul. Beam is the first international and Asian firm to introduce micromobility transportation services in Korea, having conducted a month-long trial which aimed to tailor services for Korean consumers. Beam also operates public e-scooter sharing services in Adelaide, Australia; Christchurch, New Zealand and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; sharing services to commercial partners in Singapore, and also conducting closed trials in Taipei, Taiwan.

Beam scooters will now be widely available in popular areas in Gangnam-gu and Songpa-gu. Korean users will be able to easily register, unlock and ride Beam scooters through the new, localised Beam app which requires users to verify their driver's license.

"Beam was started as an Asia-first scooter sharing company focused on meeting the unique needs of Asian consumers and cities - including higher standards of safety, convenience, and collaboration with local regulators," said Alan Jiang, CEO, Beam Mobility. "We are excited to bring Beam's brand of safe, comfortable and fun scooter rides to Seoul, and are confident that we can help Seoul flow better with our customised scooters which comply with the highest global safety standards."

This includes introducing its next generation of e-scooters when it deploys the Saturn from Beam - powered by Segway - across Asia-Pacific markets in the coming months. Beam's Saturn e-scooter is designed to deliver safe, tougher and stronger rides, across Asia's diverse range of urban terrains.  It features a larger aviation-grade aluminium alloy frame with a bigger, wider base and floorboard, and upgraded 10-inch tubeless pneumatic tyres which offer improved shock-absorption. Riders will experience a smoother and more stable ride, even on rough surfaces or over speed bumps.

The Saturn will be rolled out progressively across the Asia-Pacific region, gradually replacing Beam's fleet of e-scooters. Together with Beam's recently announced rider protection programme - which provides personal accident insurance coverage for all eligible Beam riders in Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore - this is another step in Beam's commitment to delivering a safer, more comfortable ride. Beam is currently working to offer similar insurance coverage for Korean riders and will provide details in future.

"Over the past year, tech-savvy Koreans have quickly adopted different forms of micromobility transportation including e-scooters, which offer fast and convenient ways to get around this vast metropolis," said Roland Chi, Korea Country Manager, "Beam aims to deliver the highest quality e-scooter sharing services in Korea to meet these consumer needs by leveraging our operational experience in four major Asian countries along with our safety and technology innovations."

Beam is committed to working closely with regulators and government authorities in Korea. Beam e-scooters and IOT devices are KC certified and Beam has obtained the required licences from the Korean Communications Commission to utilize location information in the provision of our services. We are also working closely with the Seoul City Council to set the appropriate regulatory framework for e-scooter sharing companies.

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Beam is focused on improving the accessibility of cities via better first-and-last mile connectivity and providing short-distance transport solutions, starting with an e-scooter sharing platform that is now serving riders in Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore and South Korea.

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