Bigo Announces Four-day Livestream Extravaganza to Celebrate a Magical Christmas

2020-12-21 22:05 1853

MUNICH, Dec. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- 2020 has been hit hard by COVID-19, and as stricter lockdown policies come into effect, year-end festivities will need to adopt a new look. This year, from 24 December to 27 December, Bigo Live will be hosting 24-hour livestreams daily to usher in the holidays in Germany.

Since 2014, Bigo Live has been dedicated to connecting and inspiring users from across the world. The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the lives of many, and during lockdown periods, everyone must experience social connection and support. With this in mind, Bigo Live is determined to bring fun and comfort to users this Christmas.

Starting from 24 to 27 December, Bigo Live has lined up a bevvy of activities and performances to celebrate the Christmas spirit. Nearly 10,000 German broadcasters are in line to spend an interactive Christmas with users in Germany and around the world across different categories such as Bigo Musician, Dancing Queen, and more or enjoy the Santa Claus Lucky Dip for festive gifts.

Following the success of Halloween celebrations, where over 3,000 livestreams totalling up to 1,600 hours, which regards as a never-end online Halloween party. Bigo Live is now setting its sights on Christmas.

As a leading livestreaming platform globally, Bigo Live provides more than just diversified and exciting content. It is also a platform to build friendships around the world, especially during the pandemic. Through Bigo's Multi-Guest feature, users can even interact with up to eight other users in real-time, all while keeping each other updated about holiday plans.

With the help of video filters and stickers, every conversation is uniquely users' own. Through the power of Bigo Live, such friendships may even blossom into a love story, even if there are geographical restrictions.

One such lucky individual is Katha, a broadcaster who found true love from the Bigo community. It all started as just a job. Over time, Katha befriended more users and found herself gravitating to features such as the Multi-Guest Room and Live PK.

Gradually, livestreaming became less of a job and more of an opportunity to gather with friends around the world. Through regional and international events, she met with more interesting people, while her stories and sharings saw her popularity rise.

During one of these group sessions, Katha's undeniable chemistry with a witty user was apparent to the others. That was the first time they had met. The pair began to talk more, and their virtual friendship developed into a real-world relationship.

Happily together for nearly half a year now, both Katha and her boyfriend felt blissful to have found each other through Bigo Live. To her, Bigo Live is not merely a young and vibrant livestreaming platform. It is also a social app that channels genuineness and warmth through connectivity and community. Katha hopes that everyone else can have their magical moment on Bigo Live, just like her.

Take that chance to build new friendships before the end of 2020. Join in this coming Christmas from 24 December onwards on Bigo Live. Download the app and follow Bigo Live on Instagram for their latest updates.

About Bigo Live

Bigo Live is a live streaming platform where users can share, inspire, and interact in real-time with each other across the world. Since its launch in 2016, the app has been widely used in more than 150 countries. Bigo Live is owned by BIGO Technology, which dedicates itself to enhancing the connection between people globally since its founding in 2014. BIGO Technology has more than 30 offices and 6 R&D centres around the world.

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