Bigo Live to launch the first OOH campaign in France for its second annual Gala with All-Star Lineup

2021-01-08 16:36 2312

PARIS, Jan. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Bigo Live, the world-leading social streaming platform is to hold its second Bigo Annual Gala Awards/Gala Annuel 2021 this week. The gala will celebrate a community that has stayed resilient - despite the past year's challenges - with a stellar lineup of international broadcasters.

To celebrate the event, the Bigo Live French team launched their first OOH campaign in France today, starring renowned broadcaster, Uceph. The launch will be held at the Citadium, Paris on 11th January, 2021.

Since launching in France in July 2019, Bigo Live has witnessed rapid growth. Over the 18 months that followed, monthly active users reached 220,000 in December, with between 7,000 to 7,500 broadcasting sessions daily.

During the Christmas period, Bigo Live launched several campaigns including the Meilleurs voeux de nouvel an 2021; Réunion familiale; Mon Cadeaux Noël de rêve; Mes Regrets de l'année 2020 and celebrated the arrival of 2021 with the Concert du Nouvel An 2021.

All of the events aimed to make sure Bigo Live users retained the holiday spirit with broadcasters' help as they entered the New year. The platform aims to continue in that vein by launching their new campaign and annual gala this week.

Uceph, the Lebanese musician based in Paris, got his big break as the winner of the region's PK competition. For a grassroots artist like Uceph, the instantaneous nature of Bigo Live has supported his phenomenal rise.

"I've also had live concerts on other platforms, but one of the great things about Bigo Live is that you can get instant feedback. It's also quite easy to hold fan meets on the platform."

"Bigo Live fans are not afraid of expressing their appreciation for broadcasters, and the work put in. The platform is more than just entertainment; if they like your content, they will come specifically for you."

Broadcaster Gynoos, who performs in drag, also emphasised the freedom of the platform. "I have met many other artists who would have been difficult to get to know in real life. We discuss and share our passions. All of my exchanges give me more artistic inspiration and creativity. We are all human and equal. Sometimes I get respect, sometimes insults, but most of the time, I get questions out of curiosity on the platform."

A spokesperson for Bigo live said "The platform always puts users and broadcasters first. We believe wholeheartedly that, together, there is no obstacle that cannot be overcome."

Join in the celebration this coming January 21, as the Bigo Annual Gala Awards 2021 kicks off the new year at 8 PM GMT+8.

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