Bio-Techne Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Micropoint

Accelerating innovative tools available for precision medicine
Micropoint Bioscience of Shenzhen, China
2018-10-12 14:15 735

HONG KONG, Oct. 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Bio-Techne Corporation of Minneapolis, Minnesota and Micropoint Bioscience of Shenzhen, China have entered into a strategic cooperation agreement. Mr. Chuck Kummeth - CEO of Bio-Techne and Mr. Yan Pingyi - Chairman of Micropoint Bioscience attended the meeting and signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Mr. Wang Bin -- Executive Vice President of Shenzhen Association of Medical Devices was present to witness this significant moment.

Microfluidic technology is at the core development of the "lab on a chip" vision which will continue to drive advances in precision medicine. The ability to achieve miniaturization testing within a minimal sample volume requirement are at the heart of Point-of-Care devices that bring useful and diagnostic tests closer to the patient and make them easier to administer. As these two leading high-tech companies in the field of microfluidics, Micropoint Bioscience and Bio-Techne will further strengthen the technology integration in the field of microfluidics through this strategic cooperation, and develop companion diagnostic and precision diagnostic tools for doctors in China to provide better, more accurate and closer to patient diagnostic solutions that deliver better overall treatment.

Chuck Kummeth, CEO of Bio-Techne remarked: "The synergies are obvious between the two Companies. Diagnostic decisions are increasingly being driven by cytokine and growth factors related to profiles in circulating body fluids. This creates the need for a testing platform which can accommodate more complex biomarker signatures. Having access to high-quality reagents to enable test menu expansion to address emerging diagnostic markets and needs is key to this endeavour."

Yan Pingyi, Chairman of Micropoint Bioscience, added: "Micropoint is excited about this strategic cooperation. This collaboration will aim to develop diagnostic tools to monitor and identify cytokine releasing storm syndromes during immunotherapy. This will enable physicians to tailor their treatment decisions depending upon their severity of any adverse effects. This agreement leverages our respective strengths. We understand the China diagnostic market and have developed the necessary regulatory infrastructure to serve it. Having access to additional key reagents and an additional immunoassay test platform to address our market puts us in a strong position to succeed."

About Micropoint Bioscience of Shenzhen, China

Headquartered in Shenzhen and Santa Clara, USA, Micro-Point Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations on January 7, 2016. Micropoint Bioscience is a leader in Microfluidics and MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical System), and is dedicated to the development, manufacturing and sales of Lab on a Chip products based on MEMS technology. The company's many innovative technologies have been patented in the United States, Europe, China and other countries.

About Bio-Techne Corporation

Bio-Techne Corporation was registered in Minnesota, USA in 1981 and is listed on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange. The company and its subsidiaries focus on the development, production and sales of biotech products, blood calibrators and controllers. With the Advanced Cell Diagnostics and Exosome Diagnostics brands, Bio-Techne is now a leading supplier of quality consumables and instrumentation and molecular diagnostic solutions for the life sciences protein market. It's antibody products are used to functionalize both research and diagnostic instruments and are at the heart many biomarker analysis platforms. The Bio-Techne's Ella microfluidic instrument is a fully automated multi-analyte immunoassay platform which can deliver results in less than an hour. 

Source: Micropoint Bioscience of Shenzhen, China