Black Friday 2020: TROUVER POWER 11 Offers Best Deal of Powerful, Long-Lasting and Versatile Cordless Vacuum on eBay

2020-11-24 17:13 646

BERLIN, Nov. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- TROUVER, a youthful new brand under Xiaomi ecological chain, launches Black Friday Deal of its powerful and lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner POWER 11 on eBay from €140 applied with Black Friday offer of €160, eBay coupon of €10, and special offer from this article of another €10. Featuring TROUVER-designed AERO 4.0 high-speed motor, LED color display, large battery capacity, stylish appearance and ergonomic structure, Power 11 is a perfect household companion that can easily breeze through demanding cleaning tasks on different types of surfaces with long-lasting fade-free suction.

"Power 11 is a milestone of TROUVER with every our design implementation involved in product development having undergone rigorous testing to ensure the best performance and highest quality," said Weisheng Zhang, President of TROUVER.

"Before the global launch of Power 11, the designers and engineers have been working tirelessly to test each component of the prototype model to perfect the parts prone to breakdown and wear-and-tear, such as the digital motor and hinges, while maintaining a minimalist and aesthetic design. The upshot of this scrupulous design process enables us to constantly push the convenience and usability of vacuum cleaners and achieve another big leap in developing a cordless vacuum cleaning solution," he added.

Harnessing aviation-level‌ technology developed by a 300-strong R&D team consisting of aerospace engineers, TROUVER Power 11 houses a host of industry-leading and easy-to-use features that enable it to deliver a more versatile, powerful and comfortable cleaning experience than most corded vacuum cleaners in the market. Stronger and more energy-efficient than ever, the Power 11 is powered by a compact yet mighty AERO 4.0 digital motor that operates at a speed up to 100,000rpm to generate 20,000pa suction power. The swappable 2,5000mAh lithium-ion battery is capable of providing up to 60 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning for the entire home.

The advanced suction of the Power 11 is also made possible by the six-cyclone dust collection system that, coupled with a 5 layered fine filtration design, captures any particles larger than 0.3μm and boasts a dust and air separation efficiency of 99.5%. In addition, the team has also re-engineered the integrated heat dissipation system by optimizing airflow across the entire battery pack. The newly designed DualCool air-cooling system allows the battery to maintain a low temperature and achieve fade-free suction power during operation.

Designed to maximize usability while reducing wrist strain, the Power 11 weighs merely 1.4kg and is easily maneuverable with one hand. To streamline the cleaning process for the vacuum cleaner, it comes equipped with an easily removable and washable dust cup that allows users to dispose of the dirt with one click. The LED color display shows the battery levels, power modes and error reports, which lets users track the operation status of the device. Coupled with a convertible design that can be transformed into the handheld mode in seconds, a wide range of cleaning tools that come with the box including a 2-in-1 flat suction brush allow users to swiftly tackle the dust and hair on surfaces such as sofa, beds, furniture, hardwood floors and carpets and more.


TROUVER belongs to an important leading enterprise of Xiaomi ecological chain -- Dreame Technology. Pioneering in technology, industrial design, art, and fashion crossover as well as supply chain matrix, TROUVER is committed to creating next-level products that combine the powerful core technology for young people.