BLUCON Reaches License Agreement and Forms Strategic Alliance with Ticket Socket Korea

The first attempt to combine marketing and payment on SNS
2018-10-25 15:50 912

SEOUL, South Korea, Oct. 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- BLUCON, the AI based payment platform which is expected to lead the explosive social network based markets, made a late announcement of its developers BLU Global Partners' strategic alliance agreement with Ticket Socket Korea, a company with the global SNS API standards. 

Image provided by BLUCON Project
Image provided by BLUCON Project

As the agreement has been reached early this year, BLU Global Partners explained the delay in the announcement, "We wanted to take enough time to build a business model that is expected to shake up the market."

Both companies are expecting an increase in its SNS market value; through the collaboration of BLUCON's blockchain technology and Ticket Socket Korea's global API standards, the companies aim to build and commercialize the innovative platform that combines payment and P2P marketing.

Ticket Socket Korea is a company that provides tool services for ordering, payment, and marketing within SNS, connecting SNS API to the plug-in systems. The company plans to actively invest its technology in BLU Global Partner's blockchain projects in the SNS area. It further exerted its aim to become the pioneer of the social network based market, building the foundation of the market, which is expected to grow rapidly, along with the BLU Global Partners.

BLU Global Partner's CMO Brian Kim commented that "BLUCON project is the first attempt to combine marketing and payment within the social network system. We are at the transitioning period of the social network, as it is changing to business-centered from communication-centered; we aim to lead the transition by being the first to take over the market."

Company overview

BLUCON provides global P2P business platform services such as marketing solutions and transaction services based on the Social Network Services

BLUCON aims to seize the SNS market that is rapidly turning into P2P transaction-centered, by providing P2P marketing and payment services that are easily accessible for anyone and anywhere, applicable to many diverse area of business.  

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