Blue Cross Launches LovePet Insurance

Guaranteed Renewal Up to Age 13 with Unlimited Veterinary Consultations
Extended Behavioral Treatment Coverage for Pets' Mental or Emotional Disorder

HONG KONG, Aug. 9 2019 /PRNewswire/ --  Blue Cross (Asia-Pacific) Insurance Limited ("Blue Cross") today announces the launch of LovePet Insurance (the "Plan") to provide insured pets with comprehensive medical coverage including clinical and surgical expenses, veterinary consultations and chemotherapy treatments, with the aim of relieving pet owners' heavy financial burden. The benefit limit of medical coverage is up to HK$60,000, in which there is no sub-limit and maximum number of claims set for each benefit item under clinical and surgical expenses, giving pet owners greater flexibility. Besides, the Plan also covers Third Party Liability, which is an important consideration for pet insurance, caused by the insured pet for accidental death, bodily injury or illness to a third party; and/or accidental loss of or damage to third party's property. The Plan includes an innovative Behavioral Treatment Expenses coverage for dogs and cats, the first of its kind in the market, to render support and care to pets suffering from mental or emotional problems caused by injuries, covering costs like prescribed drugs or pet training.

The number of families keeping pets has kept increasing in Hong Kong over the years. According to the Thematic Household Survey Report No. 66 released by the Census and Statistics Department, the number of households keeping dogs or cats in 2018 reached 241,900, accounting for 9.4% of the total households in the city. The total number of dogs and cats being kept soared to 405,200 in 2018, representing an impressive growth of 36%[1] over 2005. Meanwhile, according to the Study on the Development of the Veterinary Profession in Hong Kong, there were 400 registered vets in Hong Kong in 2006 and this number is estimated to grow more than double to over 1,000 in 2019, indicating an increasing demand for veterinary services. 

Mr. Patrick Wan, Managing Director of Blue Cross, said, "As a pioneer in insurance in Hong Kong, Blue Cross fully understands how much pet owners care about their pets. We thus launched the first to market pet insurance product in 2005. People treat pets like their own children and family, taking good care of their pets' daily living and health. Same as humans, pets also need medical treatments in case of sickness or accident. The costs of veterinary services are generally high, and in the unfortunate event of cancers or other chronic diseases, pet owners may face heavy and long-term financial burden. For this reason, Blue Cross launches enhanced LovePet Insurance this year to provide more comprehensive coverage for pets, giving pet owners added peace of mind."

LovePet Insurance is guaranteed to cover cats or designated breeds of dogs aged between 6 months and 8 years, and the policy can be renewed up to the insured pet aged 13. The Plan provides medical coverage up to HK$60,000, including clinical and surgical expenses, veterinary consultations, chemotherapy and behavioral treatments.

Apart from general medical coverage, LovePet Insurance also offers various pet benefits, such as Emergency Boarding that reimburses pet-sitting expenses in case the pet owner is hospitalised for more than 4 consecutive days; and Overseas Cover for Medical Coverage, Third Party Liability and Funeral Services if the insured pet is travelling or temporarily located outside Hong Kong with the pet owner. The Plan offers 3 levels for selection. Pet owners can further enhance protection by choosing Top-up Option for Third Party Liability up to HK$1,500,000 at a modest premium of HK$100. If no claim has been made during the coverage period, a no-claim discount of up to 15% will be offered upon renewal. 

Customers can enrol in LovePet Insurance through the Blue Cross HK mobile app or Blue Cross' website, which enables instant submission of pet insurance claims anytime, anywhere. To celebrate Blue Cross' 50th Anniversary, upon successful enrolment in LovePet Insurance during the promotional period, customers can enjoy a 15% first year premium discount[2], or even a 50% first year premium discount if the identity document of the applicant or the AVID of the insured pet contains both the numerals "5" and "0". What's more, each successful enrolment will be entitled to a free iPuppyGo, a smart activity tracker for pets, while stocks last.

For details about LovePet Insurance and the promotional offer, please visit Blue Cross website at or download the Blue Cross HK mobile app to learn more.

[1] Source: Thematic Household Survey Report No. 26, Census and Statistics Department, August 2006.

[2] The promotional offer is subject to relevant terms and conditions.



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