BOE shows off display expertise in five innovative fields at SID Display Week 2021

BEIJING, May 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Display Week 2021, a world-renowned display event hosted by the Society for Information Display (SID), opened on May 17. A myriad of state-of-the-art display technologies and products around the world are showcased at the virtual show. As a global leader in the semiconductor industry, BOE brings its ADS Pro, flexible OLED, Mini/Micro LED and innovative technologies and applications to the event, demonstrating to the world its industry-leading innovation ability and exceptional technological leadership.

BOE has never stopped pursuing innovation in display technology, said Gao Wenbao, Executive Vice President of BOE and CEO of the Display Business Group. While securing its global leadership in TFT-LCD and flexible OLED, BOE has ramped up R&D of Mini/Micro LED and other cutting-edge technologies and rolled out a variety of trend-setting technologies and products, propelling the development of the global display industry. Display is now part and parcel of our life; innovative technologies, as the first touchpoint of display, are empowering a wide range of industries. Leveraging its technological expertise in display and sensing, BOE will continue to deepen its IoT strategy centered on semiconductor display and work with its global partners along the industry chain to deliver ultimate visual experiences and even smarter living experiences to users.

Nowadays, feature-rich, edge-to-edge, thinner and more energy-saving displays are becoming the trend. The latest technologies showcased at Display Week 2021 exactly echo BOE's forward-looking predications and in-depth insights of industry trends. The innovative technologies and applications in five fields that are exhibited by BOE fully demonstrate its leadership in the display industry.

ADS Pro delivers ultimate true-to-life display effects

BOE's proprietary ADS super hard screen technology, a world-leading wide viewing angle technology, can present optimal images from all viewing angels. ADS Pro is a system-level solution of high-end LCD products based on the ADS technology, which represents major breakthroughs in multiple fields such as ultra-high dynamic contrast ratio, edge-to-edge display, high refresh rate and in-cell .

Leveraging its industry-leading LCD technology, BOE has kept breaking new ground and leading the development of the semiconductor display industry. At the ongoing show, BOE exhibits a slew of eye-catching innovative technologies. For example, its e-sport display boasts the world's highest refresh rate of 480Hz and smear-free dynamic images, offering fast and smooth gaming experiences to users. The organic open quantum dot (OQD) display boasts an ultra-high color gamut, and the ultra-thin peep-proof display makes it easier to switch between privacy protection and sharing. The edge-to-edge display, with optimized internal structure and process, features world-leading ultra-thin bezels of 0.9mm, delivering ultimate immersive experiences to users with its supreme screen-to-body ratio.   

OLED is more than being flexible

BOE has become the first in China to mass-produce flexible and foldable OLED displays and brought them to market. It has rolled out a wide range of innovative technologies such as scroll-like display and flexible full-screen display integrated with under-display camera, unlocking unlimited possibilities for the form of display products.

At Display Week 2021, BOE exhibits its flexible scroll-like display with thinner modules and a smaller bend radius. The brand-new panel that can be folded in and out makes it easy to turn a mobile phone into a tablet and vice versa just to your liking, and the crease-free display effects give an amazing experience to users. BOE's flexible full-screen display integrated with under-display camera features an industry-leading resolution of 400 PPI and supreme screen-to-body ratio of nearly 100%, giving brand-new visual experiences to users. Plus, BOE's lower-powered OLED achieves a longer battery life, enjoying a broad prospect in the field of smart wearables.

According to Sigmaintell, in 2020, BOE commanded the largest share of the flexible display market in China and second in the world.

Mini/Micro LED delivers superb display effects

Backed by its proprietary active drive architecture and high-speed transfer printing technology, BOE provides next-generation system-level LED display solutions empowered by semiconductor technologies and micrometer-level advanced packaging technologies. As a global leader in Mini/Micro LED using a glass substrate, BOE shows off its 75-inch 8K Mini LED product with more than 5,000 zones and a million-level contrast ratio. Its 0.9mm pixel pitch Micro LED fused into a glass substrate can achieve edge-to-edge splicing and is flicker-free, lower-powered and eye-friendly, enabling users to enjoy extraordinary visual experiences to the fullest.

Technological innovation is an endless pursuit

BOE has launched the active-matrix quantum dot light-emitting diode (AMQLED) display, which is equipped with disruptive next-generation display technology. Different from photoluminescent quantum dot-based backlight unit (QD-BLU), BOE's AMQLED displays do not require a backlight; instead, quantum dots can emit light themselves when stimulated by an electric current. This technology marks another milestone the display maker has achieved in the field of electroluminescent quantum dots. BOE's 55-inch 4K AMQLED display, features a resolution of 3840×2160, over 90% BT.2020 color gamut coverage and a million-level contrast ratio. Thanks to these strengths, the display has enormous potential and promising prospects in the field of large-sized displays.

Innovative applications make display omnipresent

Display is the "first touchpoint" and a "key interface" of information interaction in the era of the IoT. Through forward-looking technological development and innovation, BOE has emerged as a "barometer" of the global display industry, bringing the benefits of technology to every corner of life.

In terms of smart cabin, BOE's flexible OLED technology is applied to automotive instruments, central control panels and taillights and integrated with such features as intelligent navigation, rear-view imaging, in-car control and entertainment, providing more diverse options for car design. The application of augmented reality (AR) head-up displays (HUDs) provides a more intuitive and convenient real-world navigation experience for users, greatly increasing their driving comfort and safety. In the field of AR and virtual reality (VR), BOE's super-small and highly responsive products with ultra-high brightness have been adopted by a cohort of world-leading AR /VR companies. Its 0.39-inch Micro-OLED AR product with the industry's highest resolution of 5,644 PPI help make more innovative applications a reality.

While bringing a full range of innovative display products to global users, BOE is empowering countless application scenarios with its intelligent IoT technology, creating amazing visual experiences and a better life for people.

SID Display Week 2021 is in full swing. You are welcome to register and log in to the official online platform (!/LOCATIONKEY.) to see more details and get hands-on with the unlimited possibilities brought by BOE's futuristic technology.

Source: BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd.