Bracell has been elected to join the Board of the Pact for the Restoration of the Atlantic Forest

2023-04-05 17:01 2992

The movement's mission is to articulate and integrate those interested in the recovery of the biome, strengthening actions to promote ecological restoration

SAO PAULO, April 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Bracell was elected to join the new Coordination Board of the Pact for the Restoration of the Atlantic Forest – 2023/2024, a collective initiative, which involves more than 300 institutions from different segments of society committed with the restoration of the Atlantic Forest, which aims to articulate and integrate those interested in the recovery of the biome, strengthening actions to promote ecological restoration.

The initiative reinforces Bracell's commitment to sustainability, which, along with other companies and organizations, will have the role of implementing the action strategies defined by the movement's Coordination Council, promoting fundraising actions, establishing partnerships and representing the movement in forums, collegiate bodies and events.

"Being with entities committed to the same values that Bracell believes in is very important for the company. We believe that strategies in favor of the environment, when they are drawn together, become fundamental for us to have an increasingly sustainable future. We have a purpose that everything we do must be good for the country, the climate, the communities and the customers," says João Augusti, Sustainability Manager at Bracell which is a member of the RGE group of companies founded by Sukanto Tanoto.

Established in April 2009, the Pact acts strategically by linking public and private institutions, governments, companies, the scientific community and landowners to combine their efforts and resources to generate results in restoration and conservation of biodiversity in the 17 states of the biome. The Pact's goal is to enable the recovery of 15 million hectares by the year 2050, but targets and monitoring of annual results.

In 2022, Bracell established an important sustainability goal for the preservation of biodiversity. The company launched the "One-For-One Commitment", an unprecedented initiative in the Brazilian pulp sector, which contributes to the conservation of native vegetation areas equal in size to the planted areas. For each hectare of eucalyptus planted, Bracell is committed to the protection, conservation or recovery of one hectare of native land. The target will be achieved by the end of 2025.

In addition to the conservation of existing native areas in Bracell's production areas, the commitment supports conservation in public areas and the recovery of degraded areas through partnerships with governments and other institutions. It will also act in the prevention and fight against forest fires, deforestation and theft of native wood, illegal hunting and capture of wild animals.

About Bracell

Bracell is a global leader in the production of dissolving pulp and specialty cellulose with two main mill operations in Brazil in Bahia and São Paulo. In addition to its operations in Brazil, Bracell has a management office in Singapore and sales offices in Asia, Europe and the U.S.

About RGE

Headquartered in Singapore, RGE is a group of resource-based manufacturing companies with global operations. We produce sustainable natural fibres, edible oils, green packaging and clean natural gas used to create products that feed, clothe and energise the world. We help improve billions of peoples' lives through sustainable products they use every day. With more than US$30 billion in assets and 60,000 employees, we are creating a more recyclable, biodegradable and lower carbon future.

Committed to sustainable development, conservation and community development, we strive towards what is good for the community, good for the country, good for the climate, good for the customer, and good for the company. With current operations spanning across Indonesia, China, Brazil, Spain and Canada, we continue to expand and engage new markets.

Source: Bracell