Breaking Boundaries: Crescendo Lab Elevates Conversational Marketing by Meta Expansion and BigQuery Data Solution

2023-11-29 10:56 1583

TAIPEI, Nov. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Crescendo Lab, a leading MarTech company in Taiwan, renowned for its expertise in managing LINE Official Accounts, announced a groundbreaking initiative at product launch event on the 28th. The company, a key player in marketing and conversational interaction solutions, introduced the "More Than LINE" strategy, integrating Google BigQuery (BQ) to establish a data center for rapid data integration, analysis, and application. Additionally, Crescendo Lab will launch a cross-channel conversation solution to manage messaging across platforms like LINE, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp aiming to achieve seamless communication in line with the global trend of customer-centric experiences.

Crescendo Lab held a product launch event on the 28th, announcing the introduction of a new solution, "More Than LINE".
Crescendo Lab held a product launch event on the 28th, announcing the introduction of a new solution, "More Than LINE".

Efficiency Through Centralized Data: From Integration to Analysis

In response to the growing demand for personalized marketing, businesses are increasingly integrating various data sources to understand consumer behavior. Crescendo Lab, traditionally known for API and webhook integration services, has elevated its capabilities by introducing Google BigQuery to create the "Crescendo BQ Database". This move centralizes data and enhances efficiency, offering 5 major advantages such as low technical barriers, low development costs, high processing performance, high flexibility, and the ability to handle large-scale data.

Data collected by Crescendo Lab's trusted LINE marketing tool, MAAC (Messaging Analytics & Automation Cloud), will be stored in the Crescendo BQ Database. This includes consumer identity and behavioral data, such as attributes (birthday, gender, email, etc.), tags, message opens and clicks, and Google Analytics purchase events. With a simple connection to the database index, businesses can import the necessary data into Customer Data Platforms (CDP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, Marketing Automation(MA) tools, or Business Intelligence (BI) systems like Tableau and Power BI. This enables advanced applications such as cross-channel data analysis, detailed member segmentation, and automated journey design. The BQ Database facilitates faster data circulation and streamlines integration without complex engineering resources, significantly aiding businesses in understanding consumer profiles and providing more precise customer experiences, thereby creating greater business opportunities.

Crescendo Lab utilizes Google BigQuery to create a highly compatible and easily applicable database solution.
Crescendo Lab utilizes Google BigQuery to create a highly compatible and easily applicable database solution.

Beyond Single Platforms: Enabling Cross-Channel Customer Experiences

In addition to supporting businesses in "More Than LINE" through its data ecosystem, Crescendo Lab will enter the Meta universe in 2024 with a cross-channel conversation tool. Specifically targeting customer service and sales teams, this tool will facilitate businesses' presence on popular platforms such as FB Messenger and IG Direct, widely used by Taiwan's Generation Z. The company also plans to introduce WhatsApp conversation services for multinational businesses, allowing them to manage multi-channel messages on a single platform, ensuring consistent interactive experiences.

The Era of Ultimate Personalization in 2024: Integrating Data and Leveraging AI

Looking ahead to 2024, Crescendo Lab anticipates a growing demand for personalization and seamless experiences. To capture consumers effectively, achieving even more personalized and uninterrupted experiences is imperative. Data collection, integration, analysis, application, coupled with AI technology, and understanding different touchpoints are key to leading in this space. Leveraging its technical strength and successful experience as a LINE Gold Technology Partner, Crescendo Lab continuously updates and expands product features towards "More Than LINE." The announcement of the BQ Database and cross-channel conversation service is set to significantly enhance the efficiency of businesses in marketing, customer service, and sales.

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